Chapter 4

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Five more years, and among the family, each child is known for something. Sam became a housewife to royalty, Samantha became a politician for Chile for some reason. Igis is a military general, and Rochelle works and own a convenience store empire on a distant planet. Tyrone's violence got to and drove him mad, the government sent him to a gladiator planet to hopefully be cured. Jeremy joined mom and dad, he's now being taught all things in medical school though, he also studies medicine with Mother. The entire group mini-harem went into movie making, all developing different genre movies. Manny, she makes drama movies, Robbie, she makes Horror, and Harley, he does comedy. Jazmine is learning to be a doctor as well, but what I've heard is that she's not doing it for good. She's joining Sylria and making things easier for her to move, while remaining confident in not getting hurt during her own actions. Sylria has gotten worse, committing crimes that aren't limited to the family who would forgive her. She causes more serious crimes, from terrorism to murder. She's goes into hiding and comes out again causing problems for everyone when she arrives. I became the inventor like I wanted making money off things that would be seen in movies decades ago.

(I must apologize but these first four chapters are full of important information on me and my family, and are essential for the beginning of Boom as a character.)

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