Chapter Eight

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I've spent a few days here, the children know my name and the women only give me mean looks because I look at their nice bodies. Though I'm being watch when I do it, the guards agree with me too, some of the females are pretty nice. I did learn from being here, the lake is a universal beacon to them, it brings good fortune to them. I wanted to check it out once so I jumped in. That was a seriously bad idea, one there exists a beast that sleep in the lake. Second, my fear of things while they're underwater kicked in. Third, I almost drowned and had a heart attack trying to get out of the lake. True, it didn't chase me, but just the chance of it moving is not a chance I was not willing to make. During that day, the villagers only watched me as I made a foolish move to understand them. I think it was a good push to get to know them. I was right about how they handled things, hunters and gatherers. Everyone is free to do what they please, but the job of hunter and gatherer is very important to keeping this little village alive. Bailey started calling by my name on the third day, I found out she's the only one who can speak english in the village. It's actually not a good thing, I need her if I'm to leave and travel the rest of this world. I decided to see if I could teach the children some english, that was also a bad idea. During that day, they were like the pups from hotel transylvania, constantly full of energy. I've tried sitting down with some adults but they're all too busy. I found only one kid who wanted to listen to me, but like the rest he was full of energy. He was easily distractible, so I needed something to catch him. I worked with Bailey to write an english to dogish translator book. I gave to the boy and now I can barely tell whether or not he's read it. Him and the rest of the puppers are always running around like a ball in a 90s cartoon. Today was the day I learned about the territory outside the village, me and Bailey sat down in front of the lake again. This is still tense for me because of the giant beast in the water, and anyone who passes by gets a kick out of seeing me sweat literal gallons. "Relax," Bailey tells me, "You want me to relax? That thing! Is fucking huge and menacing!" I respond in a freaked out way. She gets up, walks over to me and takes my hand. She began leading me to the entrance where I came in a few days ago, "Okay, now what?" I ask. "Don't be stupid I know you've been through her, and since you're being watched anyway I can take you with me outside." she says pulling me further into the entrance. It's a really big bush like henge that surrounds the village, outside it is a dark forest. Further out is the plains area with my ship. Out here, the kids are playing, Bailey and me watch them. One of them splits from the pack and runs over to us. It's the kid, "Kcirb, what's wrong?" I ask him. He points at my voice device, I get it. I pull on it, so it doesn't come all the way off but I won't be able to understand dog speak. "Sir, I'm making...better." he says with smile on his face. I take a knee, "you're doing well." I say rubbing his head. Oh,shit,wait, I look up and see the kids have stopped playing and are giving me a stare down. It's really creepy before I get completely ran over by at least a dozen kids, I've babysat before, but not this many! "" I struggle saying in the moment. "You touch 'em, you get 'em. It's a rule." she tells me. I struggle to reach an arm out of the ball of destruction, I manage to sit up at least. I notice a deer and point at it, within the second the kids jump off me and run over to the deer. In the next second, I saw a deer die from being crushed by children. They started eating it, I thought cartoon sharks were bad, here are little puppers tearing a deer apart. Bailey helps me up from my shoulders, "This part of the territory is the small part that animal happen to somehow getting into. Since they aren't rare here, we hunt here. Further on and you will end up in golem territory." she explains. "I thought you own this part of the planet?" I say questioning her. "We share it." she replies. Listening to her, I look deeper into the exit to the golem territory to see a lone pillar in the distance. "I have to get past them eventually." I tell her. "I know, you want to leave." she says. "I want to take you with me." I say turning my sight to her. "I'm taking part in this world, and I request that you come with me." I tell her. She gives an empty look and digs her hand through her hair, she looks back at the village. "Can you do it without me, I've only known you for four days?" she asks me. "Perhaps, but you would make a lot of things easier if you tagged along." I say offering her my hand. She turns to look at my hand, with her hand still in her hair. "If it's an order, I won't fight it." she tells me move my hand away from her with the back of her hand. "Sure, I do as I please anyway." I say taking my hand. We head back to the village as the day sets, of course the children are ahead of us running in what I consider a ball; falling over each other, trying to get somewhere. I look at Bailey, who's still playing in her hair. The rate I'm going at, I hope to become a representative for these people. That way I can move freely in other places.

(I enjoy being able to move freely and have freedom, since in real life claustrophobia hits me when I'm not expecting it like an unreasonable neighbor. Back in times before "Christ" no one was really good at talking to people outside of their own races and territories, being a representative will boost what I get out of being here up a lot.)

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