Chapter Five

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You know, I thought this would be funny when she hit me again, but it wasn't. My sister Sylria finally done it, she committed regional genocide, funny thing really, she used the family to get to me. I tracked back what happened before everything went down, Sylria wanted to blow it up, instead she used a murder machine. She asked Jasmine to chain ask me for an A.I., by chain ask I mean it's a thing in my family where if someone wants something they ask for something from one of us who doesn't have anything to do with what they ask for and the question is paraphrased to another member. I should have noticed it before I handed it off to Igis. Igis would never need an A.I., she hates those things. Either way, she really messed up, the whole of Europe is dead and evidence points at me. At best I should leave, I've always prepared an emergency box for when I need to camp...for the rest of my life. I can tell that someone is gonna come for me so I prepare a ship to leave the planet. Maybe I can go hide with Tyrone, perhaps he's calmed down. "Are you taking me out today master?" the A.I. in my ship asked. "Yes," I had programed an A.I. into the ship to help me fly and for companionship while I searched for a planet to live on without being attacked by earth's government. I program a distance we should travel into the computer that we should travel to before we start searching for an intelligent planet. With that the jet like, single pod ship jumped to a distant part of space. I look back to see the trail the ship left behind before it fades, disappearing from my sight. As it fades, it hurts to know I'll be abandoning everything in order to avoid the law. That I didn't think would ever come hurt me. The search for a new home planet began, though I hope I won't have to be gone for my entire life, I forgot to visit Jeremy for the life extender examination he wanted to me to check out. During the search the A.I. I've decided to name X, spotted a few planets that would be ideal for what it thinks I want. Flying to several different planets, I pass by this one that looks like earth only. "Is that Pangea!?" I ask stopping the ship short. "It looks like it Master, but the planet's size is so much bigger than earth while somehow keeping the same rotation." X says. She sounds really scared, "I'm not here for time extensions, though I wanna check it out. A super continent that's still intact, research." I sing to X. "Master, your curiosity eludes me" she says as I fly the ship into the planet. I land the ship in a wide area, it looks uninhabited. Essentially looking like the plains planet earth use to have before humanity, went all green on protecting plants and sealed them away. I've decided to examine this place first hand.

(I got excited to make a place reminiscent to earth's original shape, with super continent or a single huge continent connected by several countries of land. It's time from night to day will be longer,  explained by the longer rotation.  If anyone gets this I love this scenes in movies, where you find a plain and something happens.)

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