Chapter Sixteen

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Good thing about having one eye, you don't get the full force of the sun when you open it. Though I lost my left eye, and the window the light supposed to come through is on the left. I can still see the other side the room as I sit up, allowing me to look at the still asleep Mystic in her armour. I turn my head, so I can see through the window. Though due to last night's games, that wasn't the best idea. I catch sight of Bailey, barely awake and sitting up. My shirt is stretched, and her breasts are in a silhouette view in the light she's blocking me from. She's rubbing her eyes, all I can do is stare. Her dog ears are twitching and her tail is stretching, "Morning." I say. Scratching at my head, Bailey finishes rubbing her eyes and adjusts the shirt. Now the shirt is just using her breasts to stay afloat, I decide to crawl past her to the window. I look out the castle and into the town, "Morning." Bailey said with a yawn. I stand up on the bed and walk off of it. Done with sleeping, I do some stretches to get ready for today. I wonder how today is going to be, I continue to think to myself. I hear Bailey get out of bed, "What's today's plan?" she asks walking up next to me. "We're in a castle town, I desire information on this world still. That's my plan, I'll go into town and gather all the information I can. What about you?" I explain today and ask her. "I need clothes besides yours, lacking in my clothes is something I rather not be in." she tells me. "Right, but now that I think about, what about her?" I say, stopping and looking back at Mystic. She's still sleeping in bed and I can hear her making sounds like a sheep. "Do you want me to take her?" I ask turning to Bailey. She gives me a look as if she's thinking it over, "Well what about HER clothes?" she asks me. "I don't have an eye for clothing, you can do that." I say trying to wave away that chore. "Alright, I'll go into town and gather information, while you take Mystic and get clothes. This is fine." I say confirming my objective. "I'll wake her up." Bailey tells me, I nod and walk out the room. Closing the bedroom door, I continue out the main door. This place is more like a multi-stage room than a regular one. Outside I encounter the guards from yesterday, "Please watch over the girls in there while they shop, they tend to fight." I tell the guards as I walk past. I hear their armour move, I guess they nodded. I continue on my way, I make it to the castle stairs. "Boom." I hear a familiar voice call, I turn to see them. It's the king, "Where are you off to this morning?" their king asks me. "Unknown to you, I know little of the land. I'm going out to learn things of your town and of the land's people." I tell him. I have no need to lie to him, though he hasn't presented a reason of why not to lie to him either. "That's fine, but the castle holds a library." the king explains to me, "Library!" I say jumping at the the thought. I'm not usually into reading, but in a situation where I know nothing about the world around me. "This is great, but I'll indulge in the idea after I've met this town." I tell their king. "Sure, but remember this, don't cause trouble in town." he explains to me, "That's a fine rule." I say walking down the steps. I prefer walking down steps than going up them, and they have that little step echo I always love. Taking my time walking down the steps I hit the entrance, where I see Mystic and Bailey pass me. "You're so slow, by this rate, we'll have found clothes before you even leave." Bailey says rushing past me. Mystic brushes past me with her wool, "Why are you letting me go with her." she whispers next to me. My hearing has improved with the half-hunterness, and relying my hearing and not my sight. "Get along, according to their king, we shouldn't stir trouble." I tell her in a whisper. I then walk a little faster to catch up with the excited Bailey, "That goes for you too, don't cause trouble." I say walking with her. "I've got this, I won't fight her....much." she tells me only causing me to sigh. I decide to start my inquiry down in the third level of the town, where I think I'll find more information. In my investigation, I soon come across a blacksmith. I think he is at least. He works in the familiar rpg building, and he's jacked from working on metal all day. The main problem may be that he's coming onto me while his daughter is sitting right there. "It's nice to meet someone who appreciates the work done by blacksmiths." he says, prior to the conversation I was in awe of the likeness to real blacksmiths as I looked around his shop. "I think this place does have it's quirks from a great smith, what is it that you are working on now?" I ask him. He only looked up and winked at me, I suspect it's something for me. "A sword." he says, "A sword?" I ask hoping to get more information. I look around the shop, the rest of his weapons have a shape to them varying from the typical swords of the old ages. Looking at the entrance, a woman comes in. She looks younger than me, presuming she's his daughter. "Mavis, your back from picking flowers?" The blacksmith says, I may have been right. I look back at him and his work, as he continues I get to see it's shape. The blade is taking a one sided katana blade form, if this is for me, should I really use it? I'm not a sword fighter, I'm just good at using the gun I have on me. He looks up at me once more with a wink, I get an uneasy feeling from him. I look to Mavis who has sat in the corner on a rock embedded into the wall, she's only looking at me with a smile. Slowly I hear the smith pick up pace, as if banging on the metal in a rhythm. Along with the strikes, I continue to hear groans and moans from the man as he worked. Getting a worse feeling, his daughter's face never changed from her smile. "He likes you." she tells me, "huh?" I can only question as she caught me dumbfounded. She gets off the rock and walks over to me one foot in front of the other, "You've seen him wink at you, that's rare in these parts." she explains. Unmoving, I look back at the smith working, I feel Mavis wrap her arm around my neck. How'd she even reach my neck!? With her hand from the arm wrapped around me, she points at her father. "The town knows he creates strange crafts, but they are effective. Papa only prefers to work on things he believes will benefits the person he made them for." she explains. I feel her get off of me and walk to another side of the room, I turn to look at her. I catch her pick up several things of leather, and watch as she leaves the room. "Am I being hit on?" I ask myself as I just stand there, the loud banging wakes me up. The smith soon stops his work on the blade, then takes one of his tools to pick it up and move it. He puts the metal into some water and I watch the steam rise, the smith looks at me and does a quick pelvic thrust. Feeling as though I can't take much more of this I try to leave, "I'll be back, I'll go see what the other shops have" I say, "You'd best stay in the neighborhood." he says. "Why?" I ask stopping in my tracks, "The shops are a half a mile apart." he tells me. Okay... "I'll be fine." I say leaving the shop. As I leave, I catch glances from people around the building. If I wanted information from them, I'd better come up with proper questions. What I want answered is about the study of magic, but from what I can see that may be impossible as the people here don't seem like the type. In order to act on this idea, I ask the first person I found turning the corner from the shop. "Hey, does anyone study a form of magic around here?" I ask the back alley person. "The enchanter by the north side does and the apothecary by east studies alchemy." she told me, there not much magic but it's something to go on. "Thank you." I tell her as I make my way over to the enchanter, I make my way over. It doesn't take me long, but as my previous life's laziness kicks in, I feel tired having gotten there. I only hope that the other two are having a better time than me, I make my way inside. Inside the building, I feel a presence literally everywhere. I catch someone from the corner of my eye walking past in a dark purple outfit reading a book, though I thought it was dark purple. The color changes as I continue to stare, "Is there a reason for your visit?" the person asks in a deep feminine voice. "Yes, I'm new in town and wanted to get know what the town offers." I say following her with my vision. She approaches out of the shadows and looks out of her book at me, "You have no eye." she says adjusting glasses I just caught a glimpse of. The frames are invisible and the glass is almost unnoticeable, what!? "Transforming would fix that problem, you seem to be on your way with those ears." she says walking back deeper into the room, I don't know to me or herself. "Huh?" I ask in confusion, "Transforming: changing shape or appear-" "I know what it means, If I gain a way of changing myself, I can get my eye back?" I ask interrupting her. She turns to me and adjust her glasses, "Yes, in this world, the transformation using magic fills in all missing parts with it's own. If you turn into a dog, you get the fur you lack and the tail and ears as well." she explains. Opening up new priorities is an understatement, "are you capable of such things?" I ask her. She only stares, "No, I only study enchantment and matter changing." she tells me and walks back further. "Is that not the same?" I ask her, "The matter changing is amateur at best, with the strongest being that to fuse two bodies together without them dying in anyway and undoing them." she explains further. "What do you mean!? That's amazing." I say in awe, so far I have yet to meet a dull person in this town. "You think so? My colleagues think not." she tells me turning back again. "I wouldn't know, I've only been here for so short. I haven't had enough experience to decide if anything is terrible or not, I believe fusion is something science has yet to meet today." I explain. "Science?" she asks, shit! I let something at home out. "Yes, where I'm from, the studies to do something similar to magic is called science." I say not exactly what science is, but I'm in conversation I want continue without making it long. "So you say this science is attempting to replicate magic?" she asks me trying to hear more. "Yeah, with a lack of magic ability, making use of what we have to attempt it is more of a necessity." I explain, "hmm and if I taught you magic? Would you be able to perform it?" she asks. Awesome, an opportunity! "Perhaps." I reply trying to hold in my excitement. I've happened upon a chance that may end up helping me through this adventure. "Then perhaps you can stay for this evening to learn?" she asks me in a patient tone. "Surely." I reply. She gestures for me to follow her into the back room in darkness, I do as such. In the back, she guides me to this classroom. "I'll teach you here." she says putting the room on display, I grab a chair from one of the desks. With this entire room, "Did you teach people before me?" I ask her. "Yes...They've left the city a long time ago." she says reaching a blackboard in the back of the room. She turns to me and the room lights up, flooding my eye. Of course, I rush to cover it. The room reminds me of when I was in school, both in my new life and the old one. Though I was used to the new one, "I think I've seen enough of school." I tell myself. The lady hears me, "Then let's make this quick, evening is coming." she tells me. "It's funny, I was out all morning and now evening is coming. I guess I really did take my time getting here." I say unconsciously. "That's time for you, now let's begin with matter conversion." she tells me, I walk into the middle of the room so I can get a better view. Now that I can see it slightly better in the light, the classroom is a four tabled room with four chairs at their sitting points. Looking back at the lady, she's in front of a podium. "For now, you may call me Ms.Enchantress. Though we will get to the enchanting at a later time, today's lesson is about fusion." she explains, I feel like I'm visiting some sort of private tutor. Luckily her appearance isn't distracting, "I'm guessing you haven't learned anything about magic since you've been alive correct?" she asks me. The dog village had no use of it, and until I approached this world, I was sure magic does not exist. "That's correct." I reply, "Well, with magic like matter conversion you will need to know what it's based on. Matter conversion relies on mana same as any magic, though mana is all around. What is required for this study relies on three things. The caster's mana, the desired subject's mana and the caster's focus. These things are essential to making the spell work. Unfortunately, I only know of one spell in the study;It's fusion." Enchanter explains to me. She pulls out a vase from the podium, "I will now demonstrate the spell." she says. "Are you sure that object is something you should fuse with?" I ask. She gives me a smile, "Not to worry, the spell of fusion literally fuses the person to the subject. That way, even after the spell, if used right, will go perfectly without injury of any sort." She explains. She then raises her hand until it is over the vase and pointing in my direction. With an open palm, she makes hand signs. The first being a symbol like the spiderman web shot, and the next being a peace sign. All of this being done while eying the vase, "This is the focus part, being that magic requires a conduit of focus. With matter conversion using hand signs are an essential conduit." she explains as the vase and her hand light up. From what I can guess, the mana flowed after the hand signs, through her eyes and connected with the vase. The light begins to dull as I look at the teacher's hand, it looks like it got covered with the vase. Like all she did was shove her hand in, but the object was too big just get stuck on her land like that. "Once you activate the spell, you must feel where you want the fusion to begin and end." Ms.Enchanter tells me. I can see what she mean though, as her fingers are sticking out of the vase and the vase has covered up to the wrist. "The fusion is completely based on feeling, the feeling of things coming together. The beginning and the release feeling, or letting go." she says as the her vase hand glows a bit before poofing back to normal mid-air. The vase lands back on the podium, looking untouched. So when the subject and the caster unfuse, they both go back to an unbothered state. "The spell works on every and anyone thing, such as..." she trails off, pointing her hand at me. She does the hand signs and we both begin to shine, and in a flash. I'm moved over to her and we are joined at the hand, with our fingers sticking out of each other's wrist. Both of our palms have joined together, "So that's your thought process huh?" she asks me...telepathically!? "Don't freak out, we're both in here together, now let me explain. When the spell joins two people, the caster can access the subject's mind. Including all the perks that would come with it." she continues. "I see, please let go." I say, "This is payment, I will let go in a moment." she replies. What does she want!? "A memory, this is how I get paid. I don't want money, I want friends. I came here hoping to gain some, unfortunately the only ones I made were my students. So I wait until I find someone worthwhile and I try to get to know them." she explains. "Doesn't mean you backstab them for knowledge." I reply, "I suppose that's fair, though this is nice. You're not a bad person by the looks of it." she says exploring my brain. I decide to stop internally panicking at her in my head, what she finds is her own problem. She lets me go after a minute, "A skilled psychic wouldn't have taken so long, but what I found was interesting. You've died and have been reincarnated, and you've lived longer than some people out there." she tells me. "Being thirty-eight isn't a pleasure." I reply. "Your age isn't the interest, you come from a group of siblings and a planet unheard of here. The fact that we aren't alone in this universe satisfies me." she tells me, she's seen everything. "I haven't seen everything, I skimmed here and there. Your world interests me though, seeing as though it has that much more than ours. We must be a really young earth compared to yours." she adds. "Compared, yes. Same? Absolutely not." I say digging my hand into my pocket in my pants. "Your world intrigues me the same way mine does you." I reply, "Then we've finished a lovely exchange." she says, "Wait, but what about your enchantment studies?" I rush to ask. "A time for tomorrow, the evening grows late. Come by tomorrow please?" she asks me, "Of course." I say. "Then." she says as she taps her foot on ground and the room shifts it's wooden boards. A moment later, I find myself outside the door and looking up the short steps at Ms.Enchanter. In shock, I simply jump to the side. "Magic has many applications, same as your technology, Mr.Boom." she tells me before closing the door. I'm guessing she won't be opening again until tomorrow, I start walking back to the castle. Getting into the second level of the city was easy this time, no guards to stop me. I guess word spread to let me back in, I get to look at the castle in a better view though. The building is like a big block with a spire going higher after the throneroom. I remember several teacher telling back in this time, the most important thing is suppose to be the biggest. But the spire is overkill, the block is just fine. The building is comparable to a skyscraper from my old life's times. Not minding it, I continue into the castle as the second and first levels have entry doors for all directions. Making my way back to the room is awkward watching as the guards just stand there, I remember British royal guards are suppose to do this. Walking up the long flight of steps, it doesn't take me as long now that I'm used to them being here. I'll never get used to the exhaustion though, three levels shouldn't be this annoying to climb. I continue to my room after using my feelings to remember where the hallway is. I come across unfamiliar guard though, this time a female and a male, the male being obviously and pointlessly bigger than her. "Uh, is this still my room?" I ask the big guy, "Yes. If you are curious as to why we are here, we are on guard duty until morning." the girl answers. I know I asked the guy, but I guess he's a big and silent type. "Okay." I say walking into to my room, pass the main room and through to the bedroom door. What I find inside is two girls pulling at their hair in nightgowns, "I thought the day out would be nice for you two." I say. My arrival stops on Mystic, her wool doesn't help the nightgown as it tries to escape from her because of it. In fact, the wool is making it look like Mystic is a big thick woman. Trying to get out of the fight now happening a little less, she tries but Bailey continues to pull on Mystic's hair. Her nightgown is falling off, Bailey's fur is smooth so I expect no less. "I've been wanting this all day!" she says continuing to hold Mystic hostage. "Enough, dammit!" I yell trying not to scream, only for Bailey to continue. Deciding that this is enough, I shut the door to the room. This might stop her, I think to myself as I walk over to my bed that she's on. Luckily Bailey's been using one hand to pull on Mystic's hair and the other has been on the bed supporting her movements. I jump on the bed, Bailey still unbothered. "You've had enough fun for today, time for mine." I say as I pull down the straps on her nightgown and pull it down. With one of her arms down, the gown goes low enough to expose her breasts. Of course she feels the need to cover them, so she does with the arm supporting her movements. While still pulling, she turns to look at me. "What the fuck!?" she asks me, "Let her go." I say. "No." she says. Time to squeeze, I think to myself as I lean on her back and reach around to her chest. Reaching under her arm, Bailey stops in surprise. She doesn't stop pulling, but instead freezes up. I rub her chest over and over, giving them nice, gentle squeezes as I go on. Bailey angrily breathes a moan every time I get close to her nipples, a rub in a circle a couple more times. "Fine!" she says letting go of Mystic's hair, and moving to grab at my left hand to stop me. "Wait! don't stop." Ryan screams in my ear, across from me, I can hear Sonya. "Enjoy it girl." she says, "No." Bailey groans out. As nice as it sounds to hear her like this, I'd prefer not to rape my ally so it can interrupt my plans. Deciding to do one last squeeze, I confirm what I was messing with. Bailey's breasts have fur too, but it mixes so that it's plump and squishy. I've felt breasts before, both raw and in bras. This is normal in comparison, I let go and crawl back to the window sill with my hands up like I'm being arrested. Out of here grip, she covers her breasts, I'd expect no less. Though Bailey turns to me with an embarrassed face, she's not angry. She's not sad either, I think she's in thought as she looks down at her chest. I thought of calling them mountains for a second, but they're more like C cups than mountains. She pulls her nightgown back up and readjusts it, I lean on the window sill and watch her. She just sits there staring at me, "was it good?" she asked. "Yeah." I say, trailing off as I look at my hand. "Got me nice and happy down here." I say pointing at my crotch with my middle finger. "Not the point, it was your payback for the last full moon." she tells me. I give her a thumbs up, "I'm gonna need chains for the next one, even if I'm just a half-hunter." I say flexing my ears. "Thank you, Boom?" I hear Mystic say in a question, I lean on the bed to look past Bailey. I see Mystic with her hands up to her mouth, like she's about to bite her nails out of nervousness. "There's no thanks for you, I want information. I'll still need it for this world, reward me with info not thanks." I say. I reset my position on the window sill so I can lean on it with my legs in a pretzel position. I get a good look out at the moon from an over the shoulder look, I turn back and find Mystic in an all fours position. She bows her head, "you're right, I didn't understand the situation before. The kingdom is looking for information?" she tells me. Wait, if she didn't understand the situation, then it was a language barrier stopping her from talking in the king's room. Graaand, "That's fine, tell me information about the beastmen." I demand from her sitting up. "Right! Uh, where should I start? The king! Right, there are rulers of the beastmen! Uh, we change them every so often so they can have a turn." Mystic explains. So if everyone needs a turn, like what I can guess. People left the capital a long time ago and lived in the wild, their DNA was adaptable enough to evolve with the animals. Their bodies became that like the animals they were near, obviously Mystic and Bailey are two examples of that. Seeing as though the hunters and beastmen are two separate factions I guess they didn't agree. But with shifting leaders that would say that their community isn't very sound, especially if the time is certain. "Continue." I tell Mystic, "Um, the beastmen are diverse being several different tribes of people." she adds. "I can guess that, seeing as though the army you fought with yesterday was diverse. Leadership needs work though." I say. "That is true, our leader, our kings and queens have difficulty rallying the people. Most decisions end terribly and need better guidance." she explains. "Hehehaha." I chuckle to myself, this is a great opportunity. I've had no plans since I got here, but a good decision for me here would be to take their throne. I may not be a better leader, but I can most certainly use a presence in this world if anything. I look up from my self-absorbed thought, Mystic and Bailey are looking at me crazy. "Sorry, I find it funny how they attacked the kingdom, when a group of animals are acting disjointed." I explain. I won't tell Mystic my intentions right now as that could cost me, but I do intend on having fun with this. Though this is gonna take prep time, I've got stuff I wanna finish here. Though of course they won't wait for to get better, no matter how strong I'll be. "Mystic, this is excellent information that king could use. I will tell him tomorrow." I tell her. I can tell that she doesn't like that by her frown, "The king would probably like that." she adds. Is she a patriot? She could be dedicated to her king so she might not like that. OR,or,or it's about the fact that she could die after this seeing as though she won't be useful. I'll have to figure that out later, or tomorrow. "Alright everyone, let's sleep." I say, I quickly get under the covers and lay my head down on my left. Luckily, having one eye makes it so the pillow doesn't get in my eye while I sleep. I also have one point in my perception, I watch as Bailey struggle with herself. I think she's just frustrated at my earlier actions. I try to look past her and at Mystic, she's trying to get into her covers as much as she can. With that, I close my eye. I attempt my best to go to sleep. I feel the bed move a bit, I think that's Bailey trying to get under the covers. Though minutes later, I feel her breathe on me. She turned to me? I try to stay silent, but moments later. I can feel her body heat, there's a lot I bet it's her fur. I especially feel it as the bed moves, now it's most potent at my lips. Is she trying to sneak a kiss!? How long has this been going on!? I crack my eye open and try to get sight. What I catch is her jumping at seeing me open my eye, she then attempts to cover it up by rolling back over. I roll onto my back and look out to the moon, I guess with electricity I've got no entertainment. I close my eye again and attempt to sleep, eventually, I get my mind to drift off. So far: I've been to a dog village, I've walked through a ghost town, I've been possessed by horny ghost, and I've also lost an eye. How can things- no, I can't say that phrase, it brings bad luck. I've got a dog girl, and a sheep girl in my party. So far I don't have a bad start, but no place to call home equals bad luck on risky options. So enough I'm cut off by my thoughts and I drift off to sleep.

(I believe that having one eye can be difficult for most people, I wouldn't know but I am constantly training for these situations. In an unknown situation, I am quick to gather information to use. I'm not a clothes person, I hate shopping for them especially. So when girls ask me about them, I just try to imagine their appeal on the person. I'm more of a person who desires efficiency than quality clothes. A common superstition is that people gain enhance senses, I can't confirm it. I have okay hearing right now anyway, with being half-dog should make it better, If the superstition isn't true. I've seen blacksmiths shops in games, I want this blacksmith's building to look like the building from the dark souls 2 blacksmith building or the guild hall from dragon's dogma. I'm not into guys, I'm straight and shudder at the idea of doing anything with a man. Mavis is also somewhat smaller than me, and I am tall. I'm probably making light of a half a mile, I usually walk a lot. I don't measure distance, I measure how much of a pain it's going to be to get there. I am quite lazy, and after having done something I believe I can do, I get tired from it. I'm not into the enchanter, and I'm happy I've got an opportunity to study magic. She's really helping establish magic in this world. I didn't have a good idea on the appearance of the castle, oh well I'll destroy it in due time. The guards are all in like a yellow card looking armor, it looks funny in thought. I want it literally to look like they are patrolling everywhere. A good way to calm down is to squeeze a pair of boobs, this isn't for everyone but I need it. I want Bailey and Mystic to fight literally just because, though Mystic's knowledge on the beast-men is needed to expand on the faction. Lastly, I'm not sure how to predict how most girls act, this story is an estimated guess on things females with personality would act after I've messed with them.)

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