Chapter 28

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Chapter 28   *Not Edited*

I was sitting on the couch in Lisa's living room next to a sulking Lucas and an exited Jake with the twins' attention being taken up by their Aunt Maggie and Grandma Lisa.

"I still can't believe I missed it, and only by a few seconds too. How, could you do this to me bud?" Lucas questions Jake who just answers with a giggle and a wet kiss.

"Oh don't worry your mom got it all on video and he'll probably say it again at some point." I snuggle up to his side.

"Well I'd like to think he got something right other than terrible timing."

"Oh yeah, what's that?" I ask combing my hand through Jake's hair.

"Well, I'd like to think he got the mom part right." Lucas says timidly.

Hearing our conversation Lisa and Maggie take the kids and try to subtly take the kids and go into another room although failing.

"I know we've never really talked about my position with Jake because you're obviously his father and I'm not completely sure where I stood with that but even with his biological mother showing up, I would like to consider myself his mother as well." I say only looking into his eyes when I've finished speaking.

"I'd like that and I'm glad that we're on the same page with this."

"To be honest with you I've thought of myself as Jake's mother for a while now, I just wasn't exactly sure how to talk to you about it; and with Lacey showing up I wasn't sure what was going to change."

"Listen nothing's going to change between us, we are a family; you, me, Jake, and the twins. Nobody can come between us, especially not after everything that we've been through." Lucas says pulling me onto his lap.

"Good, because believe it or not I actually enjoy spending time with you." I respond giving him a kiss on the jaw.

"Wow what a relief, my fiancée actually enjoys spending time with me."

"Shocker huh." I say laughing.

I sigh leaning against Lucas as he kisses my temple. 

"Hey Jess?"


"What do you think we should do about this whole Lacey mess?"

"Well what did she say when I left you guys to talk? Does she want to take Jake back or something, because if that's the case then I'm sorry but I don't think I can. How can she just want him back after literally dumping him on you with no explanation?" I rant.

"The first thing she did was apologize for leaving him without any warning or anything. She told me that she had post-partum depression and I guess she didn't feel he was safe with her and she saw you with me from before when we were at the doctor's office and decided to leave him with us.

So she left him and went to get help and now she's back and would like to be a part of Jake's life, and because she never actually gave up parental rights to him we can't stop her from requesting time without us going to court." 

"Okay, I feel like this changes things but that doesn't mean I'm happy. I see where she's coming from as a mother because if our children were taken away from me, I would do anything to see them again and my sister went through post-partum for a little while too with her first child. Thankfully it wasn't as bad though, but what are we supposed to do?"

"All I know is that Lacey still has parental rights to Jake and I'm not sure if we can get full rights to him or if I even want to keep Lacey out of his life you know?"

"Yeah I understand where you're coming from. Although Lacey made bad decisions I feel like we shouldn't keep someone who is essentially half of Jake, away from him. I don't want him to resent us when he's older for not giving him the chance to know her."

"Okay, but I still want you to become one of his legal guardians, no matter what we decide because you could have walked away when you found out about him but you stuck with me and him and for that I am so thankful for you." Lucas squeezes me tight and rests his head in the crook of my neck.

We're quiet for a while; basking in the moment until Maggie and Lisa take that as their que to come back with the children

"So, who wants food?" Lisa asks while putting the kids on their play mat.

"Food sounds good right about now." I respond getting up and walking over to the kids.

"Alright let's head over to the kitchen and I can whip something up for all of us and Jake can have any of the soft foods you can find in the fridge he might like."

Everyone heads to the kitchen but I stay back to breast feed the twins. I call Lucas back to help me burp them to make things easier. He comes in and takes Alex out of my arms to burp her.

Once they both burp we walk into the kitchen to find Maggie making airplane noises while feeding Jake and Lisa is cutting up some sandwiches. 

"Alright everyone take your pick there's many sandwich flavours to choose from." Lisa says putting a platter in front of us which as soon as Jake sees it, he begins to reach and whine. Only to whine even louder when he can't reach it.

"Here he can have a triangle of the tuna sandwich; it's pretty soft and easy to eat."

Conversation flows as everyone enjoys their food and each other's presence as we hadn't had the time to get together like this in a while with everything going on; but it is nice to just eat, talk, and relax.

But nothing lasts forever.


So obviously I haven't posted in a really long time and for that I apologize and I am very sorry to have kept you all waiting like that. The reason I didn't post is just the I couldn't find it in me to post especially when I wasn't sure what I wanted.

Me putting Lacey back into the story was very spur of the moment and I took so long because I wasn't quite sure what to write with that addition and I was contemplating deleting those chapters and just ending the story; which to be honest is still a thought but...

So yeah that's why. Give me your opinion on whether you would've liked it if I deleted the chapters and ended it or if you're happy that happened because I love knowing what you guys have to say.


Have a Merry morning, afternoon, evening, and night. Also Late Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays.

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