Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

Important A/N at the end 

Big time skip I know and not edited

* One Month Later*

".... Happy Birthday to yoouuuuuu"

"Okay Jake, time to blow out your candles. Can you do that for me? Look at the camera and blow out the candles." I say in a higher voice while he sits in his high chair with Lucas and I each with a twin in a carrier.

Jake was sitting in his high chair with a cake shaped like a teddy bear with 'Happy 1st Birthday' written on it.

Things have relatively calmed down since I had the twins. Lucas was able to calm down the media and get the story straight, though Lucas still hasn't forgiven his sister for what she did; then again nobody really has, which has made family gatherings very uncomfortable and awkward.

Though they're only a month old the twins are already so big, and Jake absolutely loves spending time with his new brother and sister. 

Although he can't keep up a conversation Jake can talk complete nonsense for hours on end with only a few legible words and he really finds interest in trying to climb over the baby gate. Thankfully he's never accomplished that goal and I think he just loves to see the look of terror on my face.

Unfortunately Lucas' sister Melissa wasn't able to take time off of work for the birthday party but we talk all the time and she said that she'll definitely be here when Lucas and I get married.

We have finally decided to tie the knot. Though the way we started obviously wasn't ideal, but we love each other and better late than never I guess. We haven't figured out a solid date yet but we both agreed to sometime in the late summer or early fall.

Our love story's a crazy one, but it all started when I asked him to marry me. Well demanded really, but it all worked out for the better no matter the problems we've come across. 

Also my parents have decided to attempt to get along although I doubt my mom and my dad's wife will be getting along anytime soon.

I look at Jake and realize not only has he blown out the candles; with a little spit, but he has also taken a handful of cake that hasn't been cut, put it on the table in front of him, and is currently trying to feed himself while simultaneously getting some icing in his little nose.

"He really is your son; you both have the same eating habits." I say looking at Lucas with a dot of icing on his nose going to grab damp napkins for Lucas and Jake.

By the end of Jake's party there was lots of wrapping paper in the recycling, and too many colorful toys that make various sounds to count. The twins are sleeping soundly for the next few hours and Jake was so hopped up on sugar he crashed right after bath time, and when he was opening the presents half the time he was more interested in the box it came in than the actual present.

It's really late by the time we're done cleaning up most of the main floor so we leave the rest to clean up in the morning. 

"This was fun. I'm glad everyone could make it." Lucas said while changing into his pyjamas.

"Yeah Jake looked like he was having fun, even though he probably won't even remember it." I smiled taking off my minimal makeup.

After being woken up a few times by the twins, I wake up to giggles and the smell of bacon, eggs, and pancakes along with an empty bed. I change into some yoga pants and a thin sweater before making my way downstairs. 

Walking into the kitchen I was greeted by the sight of Toby and Alex in their carriers; Toby on the left and Alex on the right of Lucas. Thankfully we were able to find one that instead of having one in the back and the other in the front, this one had them side-by-side.  They were both just staring at their fathers face.

Jake was in his highchair, eating cut up pancakes and fruit with his sippy cup of water

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Jake was in his highchair, eating cut up pancakes and fruit with his sippy cup of water. Screeching in delight whenever Lucas turns his head and  looks at him.

I make my appearance in the kitchen gaining another yell from Jake as I walk over and give Lucas and the twins a kiss.

"Morning, I made you that oatmeal you like." Lucas says smiling and I grab the bowl from the table and go sit beside Jake.

I give Jake a kiss and rub his back, in return he gives my a very sticky kiss and starts to babble and clap his hands.

I'm maybe half way through my meal when Alex and Toby start cry most likely because they're hungry. I get out of my seat and take the twins into the other room to breastfeed them. Once they're done I call Lucas in to help me burp them.

He strolls in with Jake crawling along behind him with the biggest smile on his face.

"I think he'll be talking soon." Lucas says rhythmically patting Alex on the back.

"Yeah me too. His babble is starting to sound more like semi-words now. He will probably say his first word any day now."

"Which means I will have to have a camera ready at all times because you never know."

"What about when you're at work, then what? Are you going to install cameras all around the  house?" I say joking.

"Solid idea but no. When I'm not here the duty is passed onto you, so be prepared. Or we could double team it and get it from two different angles." he replies in all seriousness.

Instead of replying I just smile and put Toby down on his play mat and get Alex from Lucas to do the same. Lucas grabs Jakes hands and walks around with him while I sit with the twins and make noises by pressing parts of the mat and receive gummy smiles from the twins.

We sit around enjoying ourselves for a while before there's a knock on the door, I get up to answer it letting Lucas enjoy spending time with his children.

I open the door only to receive the biggest shock ever.

"Who's at the door?" Lucas yells over.

"It seems Jake has a visitor." I respond looking at Jakes biological mother, Lacey.


I am so sorry for the terribly long wait. I could make a bunch of excuses as to why I didn't write but the truth is I just wasn't inspired and I had no idea what to write or how I wanted this story to continue. Originally this was going to be the end but there were too many loose ends from the beginning that needed to be tied so yeah...

What do you guys think about this chapter? How do you feel about Jake's mother coming back in the picture and what do you think she's going to do?

And I just wanted to thank you all for reading this book, enjoying it, and bringing it to where it is now. I really couldn't have done it without you.

Also Happy Belated 150th to all my fellow Canadians. And Happy Early 4th of July to the American readers.

Have a Summery morning, afternoon, evening, and night.

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