Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

Lucas P.O.V

The second Jessica fainted it was like time stopped. Hearing her say she's bleeding was like being transported back to when I found out my father was dead, the feeling that your entire world just ended.

Everything happened in a blur. Mom called an ambulance, Jessica's mom started praying, Jake started crying and screaming, and I just stood there cradling her body until the paramedics showed up at the door. I didn't want to move her, scared that it would only makes things worse or that if I let her go I would never hold her again.

I rode with her in the ambulance all the way to the hospital and held onto her hand until they made me let go to prep her for an emergency C-section. They said they would get a nurse to come get me when they're about to start, so now my mother, Maggie, Jess' mother, and I are just sitting here waiting for someone or anyone really to call us in.

I left Jake with John, no matter how much I would've wanted him here to see the delivery of his grandchildren but he insisted. All four of us were sitting deathly quiet while Jess was being prepped for her C-section, I was pacing around for a while but my mom made me sit because it was making her nervous.

Not only that, but it was now becoming late night into early morning and I have no intentions of sleeping until I know that they're all okay.

I was about to start pacing again when a nurse came through the door holding a little note pad and said the words I've been waiting to hear since Jess was admitted.

"Sir, it's time."

We all got up and went to follow her when she put a hand up and we all paused.

"Sorry but usually only two people are allowed in the room but because it's a C-section and because of the circumstances only the father is allowed witch is a Mr. Lucas Harris."

"That's me!" I step forward.

"I know, now let's get going." she smiled and started walking back where she came from. She took me into a room where I had to wear scrubs and where the love of my life was lying down with some doctors about to cut her stomach open and take out our children.

I was directed to the head of Jessica with a sheet put up as they put a numbing substance on her stomach that made it look kind of like a shiny pumpkin and made the first cut.

Thankfully the C-section went really well and we now have two beautifully healthy children that are currently being checked on by doctors for being born a little early and I sit by Jessica's side holding her hand waiting for her to wake up and meet our children, and help me name our children.

I kiss her hand and rest my head on her hospital bed. I let my eyes close and take a deep breath, I'm about to fall asleep when I feel a hand grip my hair and my eyes shoot open.

Jessica's POV

I felt a kiss on my hand, something sweet and light and feathery. I make my hand into a fist and end up gripping onto someone's hair. I let out a breath before prying my eyes open, the first thing I see is the bathroom and the second is Lucas' gorgeous eyes staring back at me.

"Hey." I smile. I'm about to rearrange myself so I can have a better look at him, but a pain shooting from my abdomen stops me.

"Hey, you really shouldn't move too much, you're still healing from the C-section. But don't worry because you're fine and so are the babies, gosh if you could see them they're so beautiful."

That's when I realized my previously bulging stomach is considerably smaller than I last remember, although it's not gone it's small enough for me to know that my children aren't in there anymore.

"What do they look like?"

"They're both gorgeous, and so tiny. The got little hands and feet and on their little hands and feet are even smaller fingers and toes. Their finger nails are tiny and they have the softest hair, I didn't think they would have as much as they do." his eyes light up as he talks about them.

They both probably have dark hair and maybe one has my nose with Lucas' mouth, but I hope they have his beautiful eyes. I relax into the hospital bed and watch as Lucas animatedly describes our children with a look of love and adoration on his face.

"When can I see them? I want to hold them and take in that new baby smell." we both laugh.

"Well they should be hungry soon so a nurse will probably bring them but I could find someone and ask if you would like." he tells me getting ready to stand up.

"Wait let's just, enjoy us for a while." I scooch over to make space and pat the space I previously occupied, signaling I want him to join me.

He obliges and cuddles up next to me, wrapping his arms around me holding me as tight as comfortable seeing that I'm still healing and a little sensitive.

We spend the next few minutes in silence, just enjoying each other's presence for the little time we can before taking home two newborns and already having a child that will be a year old soon.

After a few moments of silence there's a brisk knock on the door before the doctor walks in, two nurses in tow each with one baby in those clear bassinets. One of them is wiggling around on their back trying to get its head to cooperate and the other is just looking with its eyes, our beautiful babies.

"So your operation went well and you children are healthy and there were no life threatening complications though your second baby has a chance of developing a mild case of asthma due to her positioning in your womb and your slight blood loss, it was harder to get her out but I assure you it is nothing to worry about. Now do you guys have names picked out for these little cuties?"

"Yes we do actually." I smile looking at the children Lucas and I made together.

Tobias Jasper Harris. Born Saturday April 15th, 2017 at 2: 13. Weighted in at 7lbs 2oz.

Alexandria Jade Harris. Born Saturday April 15th, 2017 at 2:15. Weighted in at 6lbs 13oz.


What'd you guys think of this chapter? Happy about the sex of the babies? Not happy?

The timeline of this entire book is a little messed up but oh well that will be fixed later. I know I said they are there on Easter break but for some reason Easter was March 27th in 2016 but falls on April in 2017 so they're born in 2017 instead of 2016.

@tatianarousseglee @Briana_wall for the name of their baby boy and @Alicewonder123 @ana_arri for the names of their baby girl.

So I'm super sorry for leaving off the way that I did but after I posted the last chapter I had exams coming up and that was my main focus at the time so I wasn't writing and then I had family gatherings and my friends and practice and I was sick for a little while so I haven't really had much time for anything. But I hope this chapter makes up for it.

Although I loved all the name suggestions those are the ones that I chose for the babies, but I will be using other suggestions in other books.

This book is coming to an end, but fear not I am pondering the idea of writing a sequel about Lucas' sister (Melissa who went to California for those who forgot) so who know what's going to happen.

Have a lovely morning, afternoon, evening, and night.

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