Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 🚼12 weeks🚼

A/N Hold on to your sock because they're about to be blown off

I am currently in the waiting room for our appointment at the OB/GYN, waiting for my named to be called out, I don't have anyone to entertain me because Lucas is in the bathroom and my phone is dead.

Suddenly a woman holding a baby that looks to be around one month old catches my attention.

"Is this seat taken?" she points to the one on my left.

"No, be my guest."

"I'm Lacey, and this little guy is Jake."

"Hi, I'm Jessica."

"How far along are you?" she asks putting the baby carrier on her lap as she sits beside me.

"Three months. How old is yours?" I smile referring to the sleeping baby.

"One and a half months, I'm here for the six week post partum check up." she smiles with another emotion shining through her eyes.

I was about to respond when the secretary at the front desk calls my name. I wave goodbye and follow the nurse to the room.

Where is Lucas, it's been like ten minutes since I've been in here? I thought guys didn't take long to go to the bathroom.

As soon as the thought entered my mind Lucas walking into the doctor's room and smiled at me.

"Sorry I took so long, I got caught up with something." he smiles but it doesn't quite reach his eyes.

"I was starting to wonder if the ground opened up and swallowed you." I laughed softly.

A few minutes later Dr.Moore walked in and we started the appointment. Thankfully everything went well and we got another picture of the twins, which reminds me I have to give Lisa her and Johns copies of the sonogram pictures.

As we were walking to the car Lucas's phone started ringing.

"Hello?...hey mom.....tonight?.....I was hoping Jess and I could just relax at mom.....I know...okay...okay.....yes mom......okay we'll be there......bye you too."

"What did she say?" I ask sitting on the passenger side

"My cousin is coming down and she wants us to be there."

"Do you know who it is?"

"Nah, mom said we were close before we moved, but we were kids then anyways."

"Well what time do we have to be there?"

"Six." he merges onto the main road.

"Can we stop at the grocery store? I want to pick up a few things ."

"Yeah sure no problem." he says distractedly.

"Are you okay? You've been acting weird since the appointment."

"Um, yeah I'm fine." he smiles reassuringly.

He pulls into the parking lot at the store and I take off my seatbelt, I start walking to the front doors when I notice Lucas isn't behind me, "Aren't you coming in?"

"I gotta make a phone call, I'll meet you in there."

That little phone call he had to make ended up taking the entire time that I was in the store. I'll admit that I'm upset mostly because things were going so great between us and today, something changed and I don't even know what.

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