Bonus Chapter - Christmas

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Hello again.

It's definitely been a while but I wanted to thank all of you for getting this book to 2M reads, more than I could even imagine and as a thank you here is a bonus chapter

We ended with the wedding in the time frame of the summer of 2017 so we're going to skip ahead to the Christmas Eve and Christmas of 2018. Jake is now two going on three and the twins are one going on two. Pretty much it's been a year and a bit.


Christmas Eve 2018

I rub my temples in irritation as I try to wrap up these last few presents and Lucas attempts to keep the twins occupied. As I wrap the last few presents it goes quiet except for the voices on the tv.

As I'm finishing up I hear the soft thumps of a child coming closer until they stop right in front of the door.

"Mumma, Mumma, Mumma!" I hear as Toby slaps the door. Recently he's been having terrible bouts of separation anxiety which has made getting presents a hard task.

I quickly push the presents in a corner and throw a blanket on them before unlocking and opening the door. A second longer and we probably would've had a full on meltdown on our hands.

"Hi baby, I'm right here, it's okay you're okay." I murmur soothing words to him while rubbing his back. I pepper kisses along his face as his breaths become more even, once Toby's calm enough I walk with him in my arms back to the living room.

"Lucas?" I call out walking through the empty living room, only the tv playing and toys everywhere.

Ever since we moved to an actual house almost a year ago the kids, Lucas included, have taken it upon themselves to claim their territory by leaving things everywhere.

"We're upstairs."

I open the gate and let Toby crawl up the stairs and walk behind him. Once we finally make it up I grab his hand and guide him towards his Dad and sister.

"What on earth are you two doing?" I walk into our bathroom only to see Lucas and Alex in the tub with a soap moustache and mohawk. Toby sees them and walks over to the tub stumbling as he goes.

"We're having a bath duh." He swishes around in the large tub making Alex laugh up a storm as the water sloshes over her small body.

"Well I hope you two are having fun because I found this one banging on the door while I was tending to important business."

"Oh I am so sorry Buddy, can you forgive me?" 

Toby stares for a while before smiling and putting his arms out. I quickly get him undressed and lift him into the tub with them.

"Hey what time does your mom want us all over?" I ask after playing with them for a while. Ever since that first Christmas I spent with them it has been amazing, and this year my family's coming for New Years.

"She said 5 or something." He said draining the now cool water.

"Okay, we've gotta pack the presents and all their clothes and stuff." I turn on the shower head so they can wash off properly.

"The twins should probably eat before we go so they don't get cranky." He lifts them up in his arms and stands to get out of the tub, his trunks fit sung against his legs and I can't help but stare.

"Hey, my eyes are up here you know." He then steps into the shower with Alex and Toby still in his arms. 

"Oh I know exactly where they are." I grab the shower head and run the water over all three of them until the suds are all off.

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