Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

I woke up around eleven in the morning seeing as it was Saturday and I don't have to go to work on the weekends.

Waling down the staircase still in my pyjamas, I walk into the kitchen and start to cook breakfast which consists of pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon and Pillsbury crescents. Finishing up cooking I let the dishes soak in water while I eat.

A few moments later Lucas came into the kitchen wearing kakis pants and a light blue button up, "We are going to me parents house for dinner tonight." he says grabbing a plate.

I practically choke, "What?" I manage to say after coughing a bit more.

"My parents invited us and my sister's family to dinner at their house tonight." he sits across from me at the table, "They thought it would me nice to have us all over and meet you at the same time."

"Oh, well is there anything that we should bring? Wine, dessert, flowe-"

No," he cut me off, "just yourself is fine."

"I'll feel bad if we don't bring something, what if this is some sort of test to see if I'm worthy of you or something."

"Calm down my parents will love you." he assures me, not very well, while finishing his breakfast.

I've never really had a problem with meeting parents, it's just that Lucas and I have been 'friends' for a while according to our made-up backstory so if I say one wrong thing, or either of us for the matter, this whole thing is gonna go to shit.

Much to Lucas' protest I baked a French Vanilla flavoured cake. I was freaking out all the way to his parents house no matter how much reassuring he gave me. Ringing the door it was opened by a beautiful blonde with shocking blue eyes.

"Hey baby brother!" she exclaimed hugging Lucas, so this is his sister. She looked at me and smiled, "Hi Jessica, I'm Melissa but everyone calls me Mel, Lukey over here talks about you all the time." she laughed.

I looked over at Lukey with a raised eyebrow, "Do you now?"

"She doesn't know what she's talking about." he waved off her comment taking my hand and walking into the beautifully decorated foyer.

"Mom, dad, come and meet Jessica."

An older women walked out with a shocking resemblance to Mel walked out only she had brown hair, with a man trailing who didn't really hold any resemblance to either Mel or Lucas.

"Jess, I would like you to meet my mother Lisa and my father John." Mel said taking the cake from my hand, bringing it into the kitchen.

I put my hand out for them to shake, "Oh put that away and give me a hug, we're family now." Lisa smiled hugging me.

"Welcome to the family dear." John said hugging me as well, "Now you all go to the dining room while Lisa and I bring out the food."

"Do you need any help?" I asked.

"No we will be fine, it's a little upsetting that our own children didn't ask while our guest did though." Lisa said shooting a look at Lucas and Mel.

Both of them smiled sheepishly while making their way to the kitchen only to be stopped by John, "Well we don't want your help anymore, now shoo."

We all made our way to the dining room and made pleasant small talk until dinner was served.

Lisa had made beef stew with vegetables and homemade bread, while everyone else was drinking wine I stuck with apple juice.

"It's a shame Liz couldn't make it, she's Mel and Lucas' older sister, she's an interior designer you know but tell me Jessica, what do you do?" Lisa asked me.

"Oh I'm just a secretary, nothing really all that exciting." I said breaking a piece of the bread and dipping it in the stew.

"Well, do you have any siblings?"

"Yes one older sister."

"And your parents?"

"My parents are divorced, my mom lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and my dad lives in LA."

"You poor thing when did they get divorced?"

"I was 18 when they got divorced, but everyone could see it coming from a mile away so it wasn't really a shock."

"So when's the wedding?" intercepted Mel.

"Either really soon or really far away." Lucas answered.

"Why not in-between?"

"Because I would rather not walk down the isle feeling like a bloated whale."

"Wait what?"

"Oh I'm gonna be a nanna!" Lisa exclaimed practically jumping in her seat, "Lucas why didn't you tell us?"

"I was going to tell you guys, but Jess and I didn't want to have to stress about planning a wedding and you guys fussing over the baby."

When did this happen? Lucas is great at improve. I thought to myself.

"I think personally that you guys should have the wedding after the baby is born." Mel inputs.

"No, I think they should have it as soon as possible, so then they can just focus on the baby." Lisa says back, sparking an argument between the two.

"But a wedding is a special affair, and needs to be thought out."

"Mel weddings are stressful to plan, so for the safety of the baby they should do it now."

"Mom that's not the point, a wedding is meant to be beautiful and to be beautiful it needs time."

"When I married John we only planned in two months, and look how wonderful it turned out."

"Yeah except for the fact that you were 15 minutes late."

What is going on?

"How about we let Jessica and Lucas decide when their wedding is going to be." John said leaving no room for disagreement.

After that my cake was served with coffee for everyone but me who opted for tea. Other that the little spat Lisa and Mel had over dinner the rest of the night went smoothly with everyone sharing stories and Lisa showing me pictures of Lucas when he was younger.

"It was nice seeing you all but Jess is sleeping on her feet." Lucas said as they all looked at me leaning on him for support. Hugs and goodbye's were given before we left and Lucas led me to the car.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew I was being carried my to my bedroom, "Lucas?" my eyes were half open, but I was able to make out his face.

"Shh, go back to sleep Jessie." his voice lolled me back to sleep, the last thing I remember was a slight pressure being applied to my forehead before the sound of a door being closed, as I fell into a dreamless sleep.


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