Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 🚼8 months pregnant (32 weeks)🚼

"What do you want to do for March Break?"

"Absolutely nothing."

"You already do that though."

"No, I take care of Jake when you're at work. That's something and if you've forgotten I'm carrying your children."

"Alright you win this round. But why don't you want to do anything?"

"First of all it's not like you have work off anyways and I would usually visit my mom if I got time off, but I'm kind of pregnant and she kind of doesn't know. That and I can't travel in the third trimester." I state.

"Wow, you're pregnant? Since when, I haven't noticed." Lucas says sarcastically.

"Your sarcasm is not needed."

"You're not the only one who can be sassy." He replies snapping his fingers.

"You really should leave it to me. I'm sassy, you're bossy." I say with a cheeky smile.

It's currently the middle of March so it's starting to get a little warmer, but not that much. Along with planning for March Break we're preparing for the birth of the twins, who we found out at a recent appointment are doing great even though we still aren't sure whether the second baby is going to be a girl or boy.

"So I've been thinking." Lucas says while holding Jake's hands helping him walk around the apartment.

"Wow, didn't hurt yourself did you?"

"Wow you should be a comedian. No I didn't hurt myself. Thank you very much. I was thinking about some baby names."

"Oh yeah? Okay shoot." I say getting comfortable on the couch with some snacks.

"Okay so if they're both boys I like the names Jasper, David, Tobias and/or Lucas Jr., or L.J. for short. For a girl I like Chloe or Alexandra." he says joining me on the couch with Jake.

"Wow you put a lot of thought into this."

"Why only two for a girl?"

"Because we already know that one baby is a boy, we just don't know what the second one is." Lucas explains

"Oh, that makes sense."

"Yeah, so what do you think?" he asks me

"Well I really like Alexandra for a girl and Jasper or David for a boy."

"What?! No Lucas Jr? I think that is a wonderful name for a child."

"Really Lucas? Of course you would. Wouldn't Jasper be such an adorable name, everyone could have 'J' names. Like I'm Jessica, then there's Jake and the baby Jasper. We could even think of one for the other baby like James or Jade."

"But I would be the only one without a 'J' name."

"Well, I guess you're out of luck then." I respond.

"Fine, if you won't be serious we can talk about this later."

"Lucas c'mon, I'll be serious I promise."

"Thank you. So about L.J." he starts.


"I hate everything.

My feet are swollen, my back aches, Jake is in a sour mood, I feel like I've gained like a gazillion pounds and I swear I have to pee every ten minutes." I complain.

"Aw, don't worry it'll all be worth it once you see your beautiful children." Maggie tries to cheer me up.

"I sure hope so. Enough about me, let's talk about you."

"Oh no you don't I'm not done yet." she counters.

"Why? I'm not even that interesting." I complain slouching into the couch, I feel my phone dig into my back pocket.

"Oh really? Not that interesting? Says the one who is pregnant by twins from the man she literally met the day they were conceived. Not only are you pregnant for him but also engaged."

"Tell my life story, why don't you?" I ask sarcastically.

"Sure, Once upon a time there was a little blonde girl named Jessica who had a sister, a dad and a crazy Catholic lady for a mom-"

"Oh my God Maggie really?" I say laughing a little.

She gasps before responding. "Go wash your mouth out with soap right now young lady!" she mocks.

"Wow, you're so funny."

"Now, back to where I was before I was so rudely interrupted. Anyways, so one day when Jessica is all grown up an assho-, pardon me, a butthole," she corrects herself after realizing Jake is still in my arms, " who she was clearly to good for her,cheated on her. So Jessica went to a bar, got a little drunk and did the nasty with my cousin and get impregnated. After that she met a super cute, hot, generous, amazing girl with awesome hair named Maggie. The rest of the story is irrelevant. Jessica and Lucas fall in love, she gives birth, they get married and the live happily ever after, The end." she ends with jazz hands.

"You should be a writer or something."

"With my skills I could make it to #1 in no time." she says sarcastically.

"Oh I'm sure." I stand up as Jake starts to squirm in my lap, making noises of protest of being stuck in my arms.

I took hold of his hands and let him stand on the carpet and walk around a little. I couldn't do much, seeing as I can't bend down that far, Maggie takes Jakes hand from me to take over helping him.

While Maggie was helping Jake walk around the living room, Lucas came walking down the stairs wearing sweats and a fitted t-shirt, his hair disheveled like he just woke up.

"Hey Maggie." he mumbles wiping his eyes and waving at a smiling Jake. He then makes his way towards me, giving me a sweet kiss on the lips before sitting down next to me putting one arm over my shoulder and the other on my protruding stomach. He lifts my shirt partly over my stomach and kisses it above my navel and mumbles. "Hi, babies."

A few hours later after dinner and after Jake's been fed and put to bed, Maggie leaves saying she's going to visit Brian.

I fall asleep with Lucas by my side, a wonderful end for a wonderful day.


A few days later while I was feeding Jake lunch I get a call from Adriana, unfortunately it wasn't the type of call I was hoping for.

"Hey Adri, what's up?" I ask while making funny faces to Jake, as I finish feeding him his pureed fruits and vegetables in the living room.

"Turn on the T.V. and go to E-Talk!"

Doing as told I find the remote and turn on the television. What I see makes my stomach drop.


I'm back. I didn't give up on Wattpad I have just been so busy with school and family functions and practice and attempting to have a social life that writing hasn't been my first priority, but worry not I won't stop writing.

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