Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 Jessica P.O.V.

Lucas came home later in the day, barreling through the door like a mad man and talking on the phone.

"I want you to fix this do you understand? I will not have this going around about my wife, child, and unborn children! I don't care how, just get it done and over with! While you're at it figure out who relayed this and if we can get it taken down for a serious invasion of privacy." Lucas ended the call with a huff and turned towards me and Jake with a solemn look on his face.

"Wife, huh?" I asked as he walked towards me, taking his suit jacket off.

"Oh yeah, wife." he kisses Jake's cheek and my engagement ring before sitting down on the couch and laying his head on my shoulder. Jake leaned towards his father making a grabbing motion with his hands and Lucas gladly obliged taking in his baby smell.

"Who is this wife you speak of? Because last I heard I wasn't actually proposed to." I say jokingly remembering the moment he knocked on my apartment door with the ring I'm wearing today, the same moment that started this whole thing.

"If I remember correctly, you asked me to marry you so that isn't even my fault." he replies with sass.

"Who's the sassy pants now huh?" I laugh running on hand through his hair.

"Yeah, yeah, laugh it up while you can." Lucas smiles

We're both quiet before I decide to speak again.


"Yeah, Jess?"

"What're we going to do? About this whole thing, it's just one big mess."

He sighs before responding. "I'm not completely sure to be quite honest. I'm trying to get the media off this story as soon as possible, but I really want to know who the hell told them this?"

"The only people who know other than the two of us are Adri and Maggie. I really doubt either of them told the press because some of it wasn't even true. Maybe someone overheard us talking about it one day?" I proposed.

"For now let's worry about doing family damage control. I know for sure that my mom and John do because they get a google notification anytime my name is in the news, do you think that either of your parents know?"

"My dad probably does because of Isabelle and I'm not to sure about my mom but if Jasmine knows then so does my mom."

"So what you're saying is that it is more than likely that both of our families know about this whole thing."


"Shit." he lets out a big breath of air before sinking into the couch taking Jake with him.

I lean my head on his shoulder and start playing with his hair with on hand and let the other rest on my enlarged stomach.

After a while of just sitting there enjoying each others company Jake decides to let out a wail more than likely because it's almost dinner time and he's hungry. I attempt to get up so I could get his dinner, but the key word here being attempt seeing that I couldn't even lift myself off the couch due to my stomach.

Lucas sees my problem and gets up to help me, leaving Jake on the couch, chuckling to himself a little.

"So you think this is funny huh? I'd like to see try and get from the couch with a stomach so big you haven't seen your own two feet in months. Once you have then and only then are you allowed to laugh." by the end of my little spew I was already standing.

I let out a hard sigh, pick up Jake, and make my way to the kitchen to get his dinner and some for myself. I hear his footsteps follow behind me, pretending I don't hear him I put Jake in his high chair and give him a sippy cup of water until his food it ready.

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