Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Waking up on Christmas morning in Lucas' arms is the best feeling ever, the baby pressing on my bladder however, not so much. I try to move out of the bed and get to the bathroom before I pee myself, only to realize Lucas' arm keeping me hostage.

"Lucas, wake up." I say lightly slapping his cheek.

"No, I'm still tired." he says groaning.

"I have to pee."

"Then go pee." he says like it's the most obvious solution.

"I would, if there wasn't a freaking tree trunk holding me down.

"Oh, my bad, you can go now." he says lifting his arm off me. As quickly as I can, I bolt to the connected bathroom and take what feels like, the best pees I've ever taken. After I wash my hands I walk back into our room to see Lucas back to sleep.

"Lucas, get up." I say sitting on his back.

"Why? It's Christmas, I should be allowed to sleep in."

"Says who?"

"Me. Duh." he replies, his voice a little muffled because it's stuffed into his pillow.

"It's only 9:00" I tell him looking at the digital clock on the bedside table.

"Exactly." he says exasperated.

"Up, up, up, up, up." I chant while pushing my hands into his back, making him bounce up and down.

"No-o-o-o-o." he wines. While I was still trying to get him up properly, the bedroom door opens and his mother stands there with Jake in her arms.

"Good, you two are already up. Come on down for presents then breakfast." she says in a no nonsense tone.

"See, now you have to get up." I tell him smiling, getting off his back and stepping onto the cool hardwood floor. He turns and gives me a blank look.

"I'm not getting up because I have to, but because I want to." he tells me lifting the blanket off his legs, stretching.

"Yeah I'm sure that's why." I say sarcastically.

We both make way downstairs to the living room where everyone is, sitting on the couches or the floor with Danny and Cameron sitting on the floor right in front of the tree.

"Uncle Luke why did you take so long?" asks Cameron exasperated.

"Yeah, we've been waiting for you guys." adds in Danny, nodding his little blonde head.

"Sorry bud, but we're here now so you can start."

Hearing that they looked at their parents and John and Lisa for the "okay go", then started looking for the presents that had their name on it. There was a silent agreement to let them go first and have all the fun they wanted, then us adults exchange gifts.

An hour and a half and lots of wrapping paper and food later all of the gifts were open and everyone was thanking everyone for their gifts.

Thankfully everyone liked the gifts that I got, unfortunately because I didn't know Liz and Sean were going to be here I didn't get them any gifts.

Sean, Liz, Lucas and I were all in the kitchen talking while Lisa and John were in the living room with the kids.

"I really do feel bad about not getting you guys any gifts." I say sincerely .

"It's really no problem. You didn't know we were coming, we didn't know you were coming. No hard feelings." Sean smiles.

"All of this could've been avoided, if Lucas had told us in the first place." Liz says.

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