Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

It's already been about a month and a half since the 'incident' happened, unfortunately Adriana left a few days ago and to make it worse I have been vomiting at random times of the day, thankfully the doctors at the walk in clinic said it was just a stomach bug and gave me some medication to take and now I'm good.

Also my mother has been badgering me to visit her and the rest of the family, which is why I'm currently stuck in-between a very large a sweating man who thinks my shoulder is his own personal pillow and a very old and very perverted man on a nonstop trip to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Probably the longest hour and forty minutes of my life the plane lands and he step out, but not before the old man slips me his number a blows me a kiss.

Resisting the urge to throw up, I shudder and make my way to baggage claim. Waiting at the belt until my faded red suitcase made way and I snatched it before it went around the cycle again and I had to wait even longer.

Making way to the front I hail a taxi and give directions to my mother's house. Watching the scenery pass by I wonder if anything has changed from the last time I visited. Soon enough the cab stops in front of my childhood home. Stepping out I pay the nice man and walk up the walk way with my suitcase, to the stairs, and ring the door-bell.

The door was opened by a very pregnant Jasmine, "What are you doing here? Oh my gosh, come inside!" She exclaimed dragging me inside along with my baggage.

"Who's here right now, and should you be dragging me like this while pregnant?"

"It's just Michael, ma, grandma, Jason, me and now you and I'm pregnant not disabled." She smiled. Walking passed the living room into the kitchen the smell of mom's famous beef stew, freshly baked bread rolls, and an apple pie going into the oven.

"Hey mama, how's it going?"

"Better now that you're here. How come it took so long to come visit me, little missy?"

"Oh please mama, you were happy to have me gone with the extra room now available."

"Nope, I didn't even touch you room." She says proudly.

"Wow, good for you because if I recall correctly, as soon as Jas went to Uni, you redecorated her room."

"Yeah ma, and Jessie's already moved out and you haven't done anything yet!" Jasmine exclaimed playfully.

"Oh hush your mouth, Jessica go and set the table." She says to Jasmine while opening her arms to hug me.

Setting the table and helping place the food down, I sit in the chair I always sat at when I still lived here. When everyone was seated we said grace and helped ourselves to moms delicious cooking.

Conversations easily flew across the table not one bit of silence even to chew, unless you got caught by mom, or in Michael's case wife, and scolded. If you ask me it's pretty funny to see grown men being scolded by women, like half their size.

By the time night fell, the dishes were done, Michael, Jasmine and Jason, their son, had left. I lay in my childhood bedroom, the feeling of nostalgia overcomes me.

Letting my thoughts swirl around in my head, I drift off to a dreamless sleep.



A loud banging on the door drags me away from the sweet serenity called sleep, startling me almost making me fall off the bed. My mother walks in wiping her hands on her apron, wearing a look that screams no nonsense. "Get up, there is much to do today and I can't have you laying around doing nothing."

Even on vacation I end up doing some kind of work.

My mom is kind of like Meryl Streep and Reba in one person, except my moms hair is brown and her accent isn't as strong as Reba's, but you get the point.

Slowly I get up and make my bed as my mom walks down the hallway, probably to the kitchen to start breakfast. Walking into the bathroom I search under the sink for some toothpaste. After searching some more I come across a box of tampons.

"Oh, shit. I'm late." It all makes sense now, the vomiting, certain smells just set me off, how didn't I see this before? Oh my gosh Luke, there isn't a doubt that he's the father, but how do I tell him, or my family, and his family, let alone contact him. God I don't even know his last name.

Wait a minute, I don't even know if I actually am pregnant, so no reason the worry. I compose my self and find the toothpaste, after getting ready I make my way into the kitchen for breakfast.

While I'm eating my mother turns to me, "I have a list of things that are needed. Go get them from the grocery store and feel free to get something for yourself."

"Sure no problem." I respond.

"Now get going we don't have any time to waste." She says swatting me with the dish towel.

Slipping on my shoes I grab the car keys and make way for the door, "Bye" I yell before closing the door.

Shopping went by pretty fast, on the way home I stop by the pharmacy to pick up a pregnancy test. I go out of town a little just in case I see some who knows me or my mother, and ends up making a big deal out of nothing if the test comes back negative.

I pick three of the most accurate ones and bring them to be cashed out while picking up a bag of tropical Skittles.

The girl at the desk seems to be a little older than me but doesn't really look it with the lavender coloured hair she's supporting. I place my items on the table and she looks at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Up the duff huh."

"Excuse me?"

"You got a bun in the oven, expecting, with child, preggers, eating for two, in the family way, in the pudding cup, up the spout, knocked up..." She rambles while scanning the tests.

"Okay, Yes, I get it, I might be pregnant."

"Don't seem to excited about it."

"What've I got to be excited about exactly? I'm only 25 years old. I can barely take care of myself let alone another human being and the father, God I don't even know where to start with him, I don't even know his last name." I rant exasperated.

"Sorry, didn't know it was a sore subject. By the way there's a washroom in the back if you need."

"Thanks." I give her a weak smile.

"I'm Maggie, by the way. Thought you might want to know the name of the person you just spilled your secret to."

"Jessica, but most people call me Jessie or Jess."

"Think of it this way, you might not even be pregnant." She says optimistically.

I'm pregnant.


Yay! Third chapter finally up. Sorry about the horribly long wait, things have just been so freaking hectic it's not even funny. My older sister's going away to University in Ottawa tomorrow and it's been crazy with her packing and friends and family visiting, but anyways about to start next chapter, the posting is gonna be weird with school starting soon, but I'll let you all know.

Also sorry about how short this chapter is.

Au revoir mes petits choux-fleurs.


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