Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

I can tell that they're expecting me to be upset. But I can't, they don't know that I was only a one night stand, if the situation were any different and Lucas and I were in an actual relationship then maybe I would've had a different reaction then I did.

"Poor little guy." I whisper walking over to the carrier where he was sleeping. I pick him up from the carrier, "Little cutie." I bounced the sleeping baby on my shoulder walking around the kitchen, ignoring the stares his family was giving me.

"You're really calm about this." Lisa states. I look up at stare everyone in the eyes. Lucas looks relieved, Lisa looks surprised and confused, John looks content and Maggie has a knowing look on her face.

"Well there isn't anything to really be upset about I und-" Lisa interrupts me.

"Nothing to be upset about? Jess some random women just left her baby on the door step claiming it's Lucas' and you aren't even upset." she bursts

"If anything I'm just disappointed that she isn't in her child life and just gave him to Lucas." it's not like I really can be anyways.

After that Lucas and I headed for home with Jake, but not before stopping at the grocery store for some formula and other baby necessities. Walking into the penthouse I went straight to the living room to rest the carrier on one of the couches and Lucas went to the kitchen to put away the groceries.

Setting it down I noticed that Jake was awake, his big blue-gray eyes, the same colour as his father, were staring up at me in curiosity.

"Hello cutie." I coo, "Hi, I'm Jess." I talk to him as if he can actually understand me.

His eyes follow me as I talk. Lucas walks into the living room, puts the carrier on the floor and sits down on the couch beside me.

"So I've been doing some research on six week old babies and it says their 'sensory perception' is improving, we need to do something called tummy time, we need to set a schedule, we have to buy a crib and everything he's gonna need along with things for the twins-" he rambles on.

I rest Jake's head on my shoulder and walk over to Lucas, "Calm down, take deep breaths." I stare into his eyes willing for him to calm down.

"I'm just so worried, I was actually able to prepare for the twins." he sighs, "Hell I still had six months to prepare before Lacey left Jake with me." he runs his hands down his face.

The girl I met in the waiting room.

"I met her you know." I said walking back to the couch I was previously on, lying down on my back with Jake lying on my chest.


"Lacey, in the waiting room, while you were in the bathroom." I rub Jakes back.

"I'm so afraid that I'm going to mess up." he goes back to our previous conversation, not wanting to talk about Lacey.

"I'm sure you will be fine." I try to reassure him.

"How do you know that? I just found out I'm a father to a six month old baby boy and I have a set of twins on the way. How is everything going to be okay?"

"Well you have me silly and your mom and your sisters and your dad." I smile at him and he smiles back. "But what are we going to do about Jake's sleeping arrangement."

"I have no idea, no baby stores would be open right now."

Suddenly Jake starts crying.

"Uh oh."

"What do we do? why is he crying?" Lucas starts to freak out.

"Calm down, his diaper doesn't smell so he's probably just hungry." I say slowly getting up from the couch, bouncing Jake.

"Here I'll take him." Lucas takes Jake out of my arms and walks toward the kitchen. It was quite a scene seeing such a big man holding such a small being.

I got the formula out of the cabinet, put in some water and started to heat it up by putting it under hot water seeing as we didn't think to buy a bottle warmer.

"Why don't you just pop it in the microwave? Wouldn't that be quicker?" he asks bouncing Jake gently while walking around the kitchen.

"Yes it would be faster but there's also that fact of microwaves and his immune system or any of his vital organs shouldn't be exposed to that especially at such an early stage when everything is still developing." I state Taking the bottle out from under the tap, shaking it. "Plus you're not really supposed to put plastic in the microwave."

Lucas stares at me bewildered, "When did you learn all this?" I hand him the bottle after testing a drop on my wrist.

"I took a course in high school, I read when I get bored and my sister used to make me take care of Jason when she wanted alone time with Michael, her husband." I smile watching him feed Jake.

"What do you read?"

"Anything available really. Though I'm not a big fan of non-fiction and horror."

"Why, scare easy?" he smirks a little

"Not really, just whenever I read I paint a picture in my head and as I've said before I have a very active imagination."

He chuckles a little and puts his attention on Jake.

"Do you have a clean dish towel or something?

"Yeah bottom drawer why?"

"When you burp him he might spit up a little bit so unless you don't mind a little baby vomit you might want this." I hand him the towel and he puts it over his shoulder.

Three minutes and one burped and bathed baby later, Lucas and I were lying in his bed with Jake in his carrier sleeping on the floor, but not close enough to the bed so when we step out it isn't on him.

I was lying on my side facing Lucas both of us lost in thought, a few minutes have passed before either of us speak, "We have to go shopping tomorrow." I state.

"Yeah and change the guest room into a bedroom for Jake and then another one for the twins." he turns so he's on his side facing me.

"Why don't we put them all in one room for now?" I ask only because it would be easier to have all three in one room.

"Well Jake will be around seven and a half months by the time they're born and two newborn crying babies might ruin his sleep schedule." he reasons

"That's still pretty young though."

"I guess so, we can finish this conversation in the morning but now lets sleep." he closed his eyes and started to dose off.

"But if we dealt with it now we could just get everything done in the morning." I say.

"Shh, sleep."

"But it wo-" he puts a finger against my lips quieting me.

"Sleep." he whispers.

And eventually I do.



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