Chapter 29

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Chapter 29  *Not Edited*

It's been a few day since we ate at Lisa's house with Maggie, and so far everything has been pretty good; Jake is working on his words, Lucas said work is doing better than it has been in a while, and the twins are as adorable as ever.

I was watching Jake hold onto furniture and cruise around the room with Alex and Toby strapped into their little bouncy chairs that they can take naps in. Just as Jake reaches my legs there's a knock on the door, so I grab his hand to walk with me and go to answer it.

I unlock the door and open it only to find Lacey standing on the other side of it with a bag in her hand and an apprehensive look on her face.

"Uh, hi." I say surprised with Jake gripping at my leg.

"Hello Jessica." Lacey replies fiddling with the strap of her bag.

"Uhm come on in. I wasn't aware that you were coming by today." I saw opening the door wider so she can come in and then putting Jake on my hip.

"Yeah Lucas said I should come by one day so we could figure out a visiting schedule."

"Oh well he's not back from work yet, but you can take a seat over here I was just playing with the kids." I say walking back to the couch.

We sit in a sort of awkward silence with me giving all my attention to the children and her watching me with a look in her eyes that I just can't decipher. I'm about to attempt to start a conversation with her when the house phone begins to ring.

"Hello?" I stand up because I find it hard not to walk around when on the phone.

"Hey babes it's me. I'm leaving the office now." Lucas says on the other side.

"Oh ok, should I start dinner then?" I hear the sound of a car unlocking.

"Yeah that would be nice, what are you planning on making?"

"Maybe some chili so Jake can enjoy it too ya know." I reply wondering when I should tell him that Lacey is sitting in our living room.

"Yeah that sounds good, don't overwork yourself okay I want you in good condition when I get home." His voice cuts of a little when the phone connects to the hands free calling in the car.

"Mmhmm I'm sure you do. So I have something to tell you before you get home."

"What? You sent the kids to my mother and you're currently waiting for me in a - Learn how to drive why don't you!?! What was I saying?"

"What was that?" I say holding in my laugh and rummaging through the fried for the ingredients I need.

"Some idiot cut me off then had the nerve to be mad at me; I swear once everything settled we are moving to the suburbs."

"Well at least you're okay. But back to what I had to tell you..."

"Alright spit it out I can tell you're stalling by now." I can tell there's a smile on his face.

"Okay well a few minutes before you called, Lacey showed up at the door."

"Did she say what she wanted?"

"She wanted to talk about the visiting schedule for her and Jake." I say washing and cutting up the vegetables with the beef cooking on the stove.

"Alright we can talk more when I get home okay?"

"Yeah I'll see you soon then." I say getting ready to hang up.

"See ya. Mwah." He imitates a kiss.

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