Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Today Lucas and I were working on the nursery for Jake. Lisa and John decided that they needed more quality time with their grandson, so he is currently at their house.

Even though both Lucas and I were supposed to be working on the nursery, he called Brian over to help because I was only allowed to read out the instructions to build the changing table, rocking chair and the crib. I wasn't even allowed to paint his room because the fumes weren't good for the babies.

Brian had been here for a few hours seeing as it was already mid-day and they were trying to get everything done today, which would be easier but they're barely listening to my instructions on how to make the rocking chair because it was 'so easy' .

"Dude are you sure it goes there?" Brian asks Lucas.

"Of course I'm sure. Where else would it go?"

I don't know maybe in the right place.

"Bro that doesn't look right." Brian said looking at the picture of the chair on the box.

"Well where do you think it goes then?"

"I don't know! I am a businessman, not Bob the Builder."

Seeing as I'm not allowed to do anything I set the instructions on the floor and went into our bedroom in search of my phone. Once I found it I decided to call Adriana.

After a few rings she picked up.

"I'm sorry the number you are trying to reach has been discontinued due to the absence of a best friend."

"Adri I'm sorry. A lot has happened and I've been really busy. Please hear me out."

She sighs but doesn't reply.

"Please I need you right now."

"Fine spill." I smiled knowing she would be won over since she loves gossip.

"So it all started after we went to the club because Derek cheated on me..."

I told her the whole story only leaving out the part about us not actually knowing each other.

"So let me get this straight, you slept with an old friend of yours, who happens to be a billionaire, and you're now living in his penthouse, pregnant with his twins and a almost step-mother to his child that he never knew he had."

"Long story short yeah." I reply lying back on the bed.

"Wow. That's fucked up boo."

"I know right." I feel bad for lying to everyone but I'm scared that telling them the truth will make them look at me differently, like a whore or something. Ending the call with her I walk back to Jake's room to see the boys reading the instructions to the crib, the rocking chair finished sitting in the corner.

"You see what "

"What time are we going to get Jake from your mom's house?"

"As soon as we finish the crib and changing table, so in about an hour and a half two hours." I look at the clock and see that it's 5:34, I go into the kitchen and eat some leftover stir fry with orange juice.

After I finished eating I took a nap on the couch only to be awaken by the front door closing. Checking the clock I realize that I took a two hour nap.

"Lucas." I call out into the house.


"Are you done?" I yelled back

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