Chapter 14

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"I don't believe we had supplies comin in. Ya must be new." Fergus heard someone totter up to him in heels before greeting him as he trudged along the corridors, carrying a heavy box to the radio station. "Supplies? Right, yes...I'm Fergus McKinnon." he introduced himself, politely. He'd no idea who this woman was and why she'd taken a sudden interest in him. Maybe his fame had already spread far and wide! "Don't s'posse you'd mind tellin me what's in the boxes? As far as I know, we're rather well stocked on gloves, syringes an' other supplies." she enquired, poking and prodding at the box which he clung to dearly. "Well, this is for the hospital radio..." he began to answer. "Radiology department! The hospital's radiology department. My mate Shareen informed me that they're a bit low on barium an' what not. Why dontcha just go on o'er an' drop that off, Fergus? Have Shareen sign for it, yeah?" Ivy interrupted on hearing their conversation as she walked past, replying on his behalf before the oblivious man could let the cat outta the bag. She sent him on his way, while distracting the administrator with idle talk.
"So, just bumped into the administrator. How come she doesn't know bout this radio station? How come ya didn't tell me this was all a big secret?" Fergus asked his pal on entering the radio station. "According to Ivy, she's not a real nice person, Ferg. In all my years, I'm yet to meet a nice administrator! Anyway, she'd blow a fuse if she knew bout it. Besides, she won't find out cuz Ivy says she hardly ever comes outta that soundproof office o' ers." he replied, leaning back in his chair and shooting him an apologetic gaze for putting him through the trouble. "Soundproof?" Fergus exclaimed in disbelief. Even his new pal, Rich Branson didn't own a soundproofed room!
"Aye. Apparently, she doesn't really like the awful screams o' the inmates an' she really doesn't give a hoot bout the painful cries o' the patients who come in ere either. She prefers to tune em out cuz she finds that they're awfully distractin when she's workin!" Campbell explained, tsk-tsking as he spoke. "Silence is golden, eh?" Fergus joked about her unsympathetic nature. "Music's the real gold, mate! How bout I give ya hand..." an overexcited Jason chimed in, before giving Fergus a hand with the bulging box. "Careful, Jason!" Kris cried out as they carried the box to the desk over to Campbell, when his tics began to act up.
"Oh, fuck...bollocks...! Flippin tics! I'm sorry...! Lemme help clean that up." Jason apologized profusely, as he accidentally let go due to the tics and the contents cluttered to the floor at their feet. "It's alright. No harm done, Jason. We've all got our tics, lad." Fergus accepted his apology, quickly gathering the fallen albums which were fortunately unharmed. Once done, he set it down on the desk. "Still, I'm so sorry, it just bloomin slipped. Feel like a fuckin wanker! Curse this dastardly disease!" an embarrassed Jason cussed under his breath, while Kris tried to comfort him.
"I know how ya feel, mate. Been there, done that, right, Campbell? Anyway, I've got ya those records ya asked for, mate." Fergus exclaimed, as they browsed through the contents. "Really? The Rolling Stones one too? " Jason asked, perking up on hearing him. "How bout Pink Floyd? We got any?" Kris added,matching her brother's enthusiasm as she ran her fingers across the brand new vinyl. "Elvis? The Carpenters...The Beatles...Cheap Trick... Billy Joel an' Elton John, all the oldies. Cool beans, you've even got The Proclaimers...! Fergus, yer a bloody genius!" Campbell praised, pulling out album after album outta the box like an excited child unwrapping presents on Christmas day! "Thank you. Thank you very much." Fergus imitated Elvis in a proud manner, happy to be of service.
"I've even got Ed Sheeran an' Coldplay. I couldn't get my hands on any hip-hop or rap though. Isn't that what the kids are listenin to these days?" Fergus continued, promising to procure more music later. " According to er schedule which my heaven-sent wife managed to procure, she'll be cooped up in er office all day, finishin the paperwork that she'd set aside for after er vacation. So, we're good to play our music to the listeners all day long!" Campbell announced cheerfully, reading out from the schedule which Ivy'd handed to him earlier that day. "Alright, get ready to rock, St. Dymphna's! DJ Chase McCluck's in da bloomin house, yo!" Jason cried out over the mike confidently, adapting his on air nickname even though his mentor had warned him against it. This elicited cheers from everyone in the radio station and stopped everyone in the corridors in their tracks as music wafted from the intercom. The patients gathered around the radio in the relaxation room, tuning in to their first radio show at St. Dymphna's. And of course, Mrs. Cohen was shut in her soundproof office, doing God knows what, oblivious to all the hullabaloo outside!

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