Chapter 1

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"Oh, bollocks!" Ivy cussed, louder than she'd meant to, as she felt a wet gob hit her and almost made her lose control of the car. She'd just picked the kids up from school that afternoon and was driving them to watch their father, renowned RJ  Campbell Bain at work- doing what he loved and working his vocal magic behind that mic down at the radio station. "Bollocks! Bollocks! Bollocks!" the mischievous parrots chimed on hearing her, and she bit her tongue, immediately regretting cussing in front of little Judy and Lennon (named for the late singer whom her husband adored). "No, no.....only mummy's allowed to say that word. It's not to be said by mischievous lil imps such as yerselves. Now, Lennon, stop with yer spitball madness an' don't annoy yer sister, or I'm drivin straight home an' no-one gets to hang out with daddy, yeah?" she ordered strictly, before turning her attention to the radio and turning the volume up to hear better. What she heard shocked her. An unfamiliar voice ushered in the afternoon show. G'day, folks! I'm Jenna Bellman, yer new host. Takin o'er from Campbell Bain, who unfortunately won't be comin in. Unfortunate as it is, he has been suspended till further notice. All right, let's get on with the show. I'll be takin song req....the new RJ rambled, before Ivy shut off the radio, unable to listen any more. She needed answers as to why he'd been suspended till further notice and that was what the determined woman intended to find out as she pulled up at the large building where he worked.
"So, those bastards just up an'  sacked ya cuz o' one mental breakdown?" she enquired in disbelief, as they drove back home in silence. "Actually, they had only suspended me, but ya had to go ahead an' confront em an' make a huge scene, didntcha? That cost me the job!" Campbell corrected, shooting an accusing glance in his feisty wife's direction as he spoke. "Well, someone had to make a scene, ok? They can't just fire ya cuz yer manic depression flared up, ya know?" she justified her actions. Being a psychiatrist, she couldn't stand for any ill treatment directed at the mentally challenged. "They can if their top RJ begins to rant like a madman on air, rambles on about the BBC's top honcho cheatin on his wife , insults the Queen o' England while he's at it an' reveals private talk that is reserved only for the employees around the water filter...even once the mic is forcibly switched off an' he's dragged off by security." Campbell confessed, embarrassingly. He'd relapsed before even after takin all that medication to keep it under control, but this was the first time he'd relapsed so severely an' that too on air.
"Oh, Cami...I'm so sorry....." Ivy whispered apologetically, reaching out with one hand to caress his hair as she spoke. "Does this mean daddy doesn't have a job?" Judy interjected from the backseat, while a meddling Lennon went through Campbell's belongings (his headphones, radio scripts, et al) in the cardboard box. "No. This means daddy can spend a whole lotta time with his lil devilish children....An' with his lovely wife. Who's up for icecream?! I think I could use a 99 myself, eh? " Campbell replied after much thought, looking back at them, his sorrowful eyes lighting up at the sight of his beloved children and breaking into his trademark toothy and reassuring grin. There were squeals from both of them on hearing the word icecream!

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