Chapter 8

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"Jason, yer s'possed to be in yer room. What're ya up to ere?" Ivy enquired, checking in on how her husband was managing with the little space he'd been assigned and alarmed on seeing her patient there too. "Give the lad a break, love. He was just helpin me stack the albums. Did ya know this place is bigger on the inside?! Ya couldn't really figure that out from the outside cuz it was all cramped in ere, but now that we've cleaned it up.....Can ya believe...I mean, look how spacious!" Campbell scolded her to let him be, before hopping about excitedly around the room and spreading his arms wide to indicate the spaciousness of his new radio station.  And since he wore a bright green hoodie, an amused Ivy was reminded of a happy go lucky cricket as he hopped about! And since he had a tendency to produce the most melodious music when he got down to it, he might as well have been one!
"That's great, love. Now, do I have yer word that he's gonna be safe an' sound with ya? Make sure he takes his pills. An' who's this?" she requested since it was her job on the line if Jason missed his medication. "Kris, ma'am. Pleasure to meetcha. Ya must be Mrs. B. I've heard so much bout ya, ma'am. How yer the first gal Mr. B lost his virg...." a chatty Kris introduced herself, flashing Ivy her pearlies and beginning to ramble before Campbell could stop her.  "Ahem! Anyway, why're ya ere, love?" Campbell interrupted in the nick of time, blushing as he covered his chatty student's blabbing mouth. "Just wanted to see how ya were gettin along in ere. I see y'all have been busy as bees, eh?" Ivy guessed on feeling the desk against which she was leaning begin to move. Jason was attempting to budge it and fit it in a corner of the room, close to the window so Campbell could carry on churning out music without feeling hot and stuffy.  "Aye! We were just tryin to move the desk yer sittin on. Move yer arse, love! This is a man's job!" Campbell ordered, holding it up on seeing the young man struggle and nudging Ivy off rudely in the process.
"Move aside, fella! Yer too skinny anyway!" she retorted, deciding to take matters into her own hands as he grumbled and picked a fight with Jason over it just a few minutes in! "Not much o' a man's job, is it now? Strong enough, ain't I?" she showed off with a boisterous grin once she'd moved the heavy desk to its rightful place, posing like she was participating in a bodybuilding contest to indicate that she was one helluva macho woman! Campbell went beet red with embarrassment once more on hearing  chuckles from Jason and Kris. "Well, I guess I'm much better suited for sittin my arse behind this desk then!" he quipped, before sliding into the chair and settled in behind the desk before placing both hands on the mixer which he'd fastened onto it carefully and tapped at the mike to check it.
He scrunched his face up in pain and everyone in the room immediately plugged their ear holes with their fingers as the mixer emitted a sharp and shrill noise and the mike emitted even shriller and howlingly loud feedback. "Think it's broken. Yer gonna need someone to fix that, love." "Aye. I think we're gonna need...a systems analyst!" Campbell agreed once his ears had stopped ringing, only one familiar name popping into his mind who could get the equipment up and running in no time!

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