Chapter 26

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"Ya mean, yer havin the baby...our!" he asked, taken aback and a tad terrified by her revelation. "No, Cami, I'm saving it for later! Of course, I'm havin it now!! Just call the bloody ambulance!" his sarcastic wife screamed in pain, holding onto a chair to support herself, before her concerned husband came to her rescue.  An' so the bloody ambulance was called and Ivy, in all her pregnant glory, was rushed to and wheeled into St. Dymphna's maternity wing with Campbell in tow.
Campbell had never before heard his wife cuss as much as she did as she strained and pushed in order to deliver one bundle of joy, sex still unknown and hopefully, with no signs of mental illness included (they'd their fingers crossed on that, although doctors hadn't detected anything out of the ordinary in the fetus). Two pregnancies had already taken their toll on her. She hadn't even sworn this much at the rash drivers on the road and this was surprising since she swore at em even when her driving was at fault!
Finally, there emerged the healthy sound of crying and Campbell could finally pry his red hands from Ivy's tight grasp. She was a hale and hearty lil tyke with a pretty face and a nose like Campbell's. Ivy hoped for amber eyes like daddy, although that was uncertain as lil Avril (as in Avril Lavigne, the name they'd finally decided on) was still sleeping soundly in her mum's arms. Later, Fergus, Eddie and Francine (Who still hadn't left town to retreat to their faraway island) arrived, eagerly.
"'s a lil babby! Such a cute lil babby...oh, yes ya are! Yer Campbell's babby, arentcha?" Francine cooed ecstatically as she clutched lil Avril to her chest like she'd held lil Rowan all those years ago, while Eddie tickled Avril's pink cheeks with his pudgy fingers. Next, Fergus held her, jokingly promising that he'd keep her safe in his huge, hairy, bear like arms lest his pal's lanky arms weren't enough to embrace her! And lastly, it was dad's turn and he had tears in his eyes as he sat beside Ivy and cradled the third Bain baby- Avril Rosita Bain. Ivy looked on smilingly, tucking away a strand of his dark blonde hair that'd come loose as he gazed down at his sleeping child. The couple couldn't be any happier.
"Ahem! Campbell, I'm sorry, but I think ya oughta look out the window!" Fergus interrupted the tender moment on hearing cries from outside. Jason, who was recovering from his depression (it'd struck soon after the closure of the radio station) in his room on the top floor, sat up in bed on hearing the commotion. He pushed aside the curtain and grinned on seeing the sight- students from the uni with placards in support of Campbell, led by Kris, had gathered in front of the hospital building, protesting the injustice meted out on the RJ and demanding the return of both his livelihood and his passion. Anastasia rested her mop against the wall to look out in wonder at the group of young protesters who'd brought her mum's hospital to a standstill with their actions, all in favor of one RJ who'd been shunned by society! 

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