Chapter 20

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"So, what's goin on ere then? We watchin a mov..." Campbell enquired, dropping in on the inmates one evening after his show. He popped a squat beside Kris on the couch, watching as they gathered around the telly and munched away on custard creams with their eyes glued to the screen. "Shush! Don't ruin the romance, Mr. B! Daenerys an' Jon Snow are gonna do it an' we don't wanna miss it." the young lady shushed, shoving a custard cream into his mouth to shut him up, much to his surprise!  ", what's this- the new Neighbors then?" he guessed curiously, wiping cream off his face with a tissue. "What're ya goin on bout, lad? This is Game o' thrones. Now, hush, lest ya want that tongue hacked off!" came a warning from the old man at the other end of the couch who glared at him for interrupting. "Whoa! Took a bit o' a violent turn there, eh?" Campbell muttered, taken aback by his deadly warning. "Don't mind im. Some o' us take our GoT seriously, ya know? Besides, he was in the war. Seen some terrible things. Never been able to shake off that PTSD, the bugger." the woman who sat knitting beside Kris, covered top to toe in yarn, explained the reason behind his madness before continuing with her knitting. Campbell tsk-tsked at that.
"What in the world's Neighbors, by the way, Mr. B?" Kris asked, curious herself now. "Never mind. Where's yer brother?" the RJ replied, preparing to leave since he figured GoT wasn't his cup of tea anyway. He stood up and wiped crumbs off his jeans. "Snoopin on Anne o' Green Gables, of course! He hasn't the courage to ask er out, so he just snoops an' tries not to make eye contact! He can't even bring his puppy eyes to meet with er doe eyes, poor fella. He's so in love though!" Kris teased, loud enough for Jason to hear. Her brother stood at the doorway with a longing gaze.
"I don't think er mother'd approve o' our love." Campbell heard him pity himself as he watched his lady love absent-mindedly sweep the floor, humming as she listened to music via her earphones.  "How would ya know? Ya haven't made a move on er yet. I'm gonna put an end to this!" Campbell mumbled, deciding to make the first move on his young friend's behalf. "Oi, Mr. B! Where're ya...stop! " Jason called out in vain as he raced off.
"Oi! Get yer own broom, mate!'s you." she reprimanded as he snatched the broom from her hand just to catch her attention, before she realized it was only him. Jason watched from the doorway, raising an eyebrow at his actions. How was this s'possed to help with his love life?- he wondered.  "What ya wanna do is...Start in one edge or corner and sweep in overlapping strokes in towards the center o' the room. Pull the broom against the floor in one direction an' lift it back to that edge in the other direction. Voila! Clean as a whistle!" Campbell seemed to give her a crash course on sweeping as he demonstrated his expertise with a broom.
"Wow! Ya an RJ or a janitor?" she exclaimed, impressed by his sweeping prowess. "Dad was a sweeper. He taught me a couple o' stuff. Of course, he didn't want me to turn out like im, but he didn't want me continuin on the path I'd chosen either, so..." Campbell confessed, chucking embarrassingly. "Kinda like my mum. She wants a stable job for me, but what I'd really like is to be a popstar!" he heard her confide in him. He realized that his dream chasing mate and Anastasia were probably made for each other.
  "Well, actually, what I wanna talk bout is a matter o' the heart. Ya see, that lad o'er there's fallen for ya. Granted, he's got problems, but who doesn't, right?" Campbell lost no time in getting to the point on noticing Jason flash him an impatient look.  "Tell im I like im back. An' yes, I've noticed im lookin at me shyly before an' I know he's got problems an'...I don't mind, really! I've gotta go back to work though now. Ol crone's watches like a hawk! " Anastasia interrupted, looking away from him and deciding to get back to work. "Actually, he wants to ask ya out..." Campbell continued.  "Oh! Well, he isn't allowed out, is he? None o' em are." she whispered, dusting cobwebs off the walls as she spoke.  "Aye, I know. But, I'm pretty sure he'd settle for a bite in the cafeteria. So, ya busy on Friday?" Campbell offered on Jason's behalf. "I can make the time...Aye." she accepted, liking the sound of that. "It's settled then. Friday noon with my pal, Jason." Campbell declared ecstatically, flashing Jason a thumbs up and grinning as his mentee broke into an impromptu jig.

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