Chapter 23

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A few months later, Ivy's pregnancy restricted her from working anymore, so she was stuck at home on maternity leave. "An' remember to take yer vitamins now...An' yer pain medication too, love..." Campbell advised in a concerned manner, tucking her in tenderly before he took off. His classes were scheduled in the afternoons now, so he devoted his mornings to the radio station at the hospital. He handled the morning show, while Jason handled the afternoon an' evening shows. He also devoted his mornings to the lovely mum of his child, bringing her  breakfast in bed and what not. She liked it when he'd speak to the baby or play it songs/ podcasts via the earphones, making her listen to them so that neither she nor the child had a single boring moment in their lives. "Takin meds applies to ya too, ya know?" she reminded, smiling as he fluffed the pillow next to her growing belly for the umpteenth time, doing everything he could to make her and his unborn child as comfortable as possible.  "Aye, I know an' I'll take em, dontcha worry. D'you want another pillow for yer back, love?" he asked, receiving a loving ruffle of his hair for his services. "That'd be nice. D'you think ya can bring me back some Milk Duds from the vendin machine?" she replied, demanding something sweet to satisfy her cravings. "There's Skittles in the fridge." Campbell revealed, since he'd stocked the fridge up with foodstuff she craved time and again- yogurt, chocolate-coated baby carrots, ice cream mixed with crushed cheesy Doritos and all the weird, disgusting food she craved for. He'd even stocked up on ice chips and placed a jug full of em just within her reach on the bedside table so she wouldn't feel the need to wake up and travel all the way to the kitchen for em.  "They're not the same. Anyway, ya be safe out there..." she murmured, pulling him closer for a goodbye kiss. He hummed as her sweet, tantalising lips touched his own.
"Geez, woman, I'm not goin to war! Only down to the station." he scolded her for her unnecessary worrying as he wriggled out of her tight embrace. She felt awfully lonely when he and the kids left and wished they'd stay awhile. She preferred the weekends when she'd wake up to the feel of his lanky arms resting on and wrapped protectively around her pregnant tummy. Then, they'd spend time at the Lamaze classes or went shopping for prams or something nice for the nursery. The kids would help with dinner and the dishes while she sat at the dinner table watching them. Later, the tykes would ecstatically put their ears to her belly to listen to their unborn sibling kick and like their dad, they too entertained their mum and the fetus with stories about how their day had gone, what they'd done at school, etc.
"I know, I know...But, ever since that suspicious Stuart almost discovered bout the secret station last month, I dunno, I've been really nervous, ya know?" she revealed her concerns. "That was a one time occurrence, kay? Jason forgot to shut the door, but he's promised to be more careful. In fact, we'll all be more careful from now. I don't really wanna lose our lil station. It's given hope to so many!" he agreed, sharing her concerns."I know, love. It's made ya happier than you've ever been. I like seein ya happy. An' I'm not even capable o' comin down there to bail ya out if ya do get caught. Stupid pregnancy!" she grumbled, feeling helpless as she felt a pang of pain.
"Oi, that's our baby yer talkin bout there! Now, how bout Custard?" Campbell reprimanded her, but was  equally understanding of what she was going through, deciding to stay a while and wile away the time with meaningless talk. "Custard...what?" she enquired, raising an eyebrow at his comment. "As a name for the baby? Sounds unique, don't it?" he suggested, clearing up her confusion. "Beg pardon?! I'm not namin our unborn child somethin that'll make im/er a hit at hen dos/ stag nights, Campbell!" she retorted, rolling her eyes at his choice of name, however unique! "For all ya know, with a name like Custard, he/she might also end up bein real popular at school! Somethin I never was. Mustard works too, ya know?" he came up with another inane suggestion.
"Mustard Bain? I don't think so! Ya know what? Leave the names to me. I'll just dig out the big ol book o' baby names..or we'll name it after one o' yer favorite singers again! Ok, now get yer arse outta ere, Cami! Mama needs er rest!" she ordered, bidding him adieu, literally shoving him away as she decided to rest her eyes and hopefully, put a rest to all the ridiculous names that he was coming up with for their child!
She didn't want to render the child an outcast or loner before his/ her birth! But, even if the child grew up to be somewhat 'different' like Campbell- the doctors had said there was a possibility of it- she hoped he/she would use that disability to his/her benefit, to follow his/ her passion, much like the to-be father had. The world needed more Campbell Bains anyway!

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