Chapter 13

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"No, not through there! Code red, code red!" Ivy cried out, rushing at the duo and slamming the door shut again as if barring their entry when they arrived at the hospital as usual. "An' what's that code for? " Campbell enquired, raising an eyebrow at her since he wasn't well versed with codes and neither was an equally confused Kris. "She's ere! She's gonna catch us an' know somethin's up if ya use the main entrance." Ivy whispered, lowering her tone as she gestured to Mrs. Cohen who'd just pulled up and was absent mindedly making her way up the stairs to the entrance with her nose buried in her smartphone to notice them.. "Well, how do we get to the radio station then?" Kris asked, gloomy at the prospect of not being able to enter while the grownups scrunched their face up for an answer to her question.
"Uggg...the things we do to keep our passion alive! Ouch! Oi, quit pushin!" Campbell muttered under his breath, finding himself climbing up the trellis behind the hospital as they made their way to the window. Kris, much younger and lithe, had already reached and hopped inside. He scolded Ivy who was trying her best to give him a boost which he only found annoying! He hated his frantic wife's pointed nails as they dug into his butt cheeks as she pushed him up. He scowled, evoking an amused look from Kris up above. "Well, hurry up then...she's almost ere! Duck! She's ere!" Ivy announced, finally shoving him into the room as her boss approached her suspiciously. Mrs. Cohen had heard all the ruckus and come by. Fortunately, the duo had ducked down and hidden themselves just then.
"Dr. Bain, is that ya? What're ya doin out ere? Don't ya have patients to attend to? Or do we see a salary cut in the future, doctor?" the red haired lady demanded to know sternly as she circled around to the back to confront a nervous Ivy. "Aye...I do have patients, ma'am. I was just, um...just, uh...inspect...inspectin the grills, ma'am!" Ivy lied, thinking quickly as she noticed Mrs. Cohen eyeing her suspiciously. "The grills?" her boss demanded an explanation. "Aye. The grills on the window, ma'am. Checkin if they're secure an' what not, ya know? Don't want anyone breakin outta ere, do we? I mean, I know we've got security cameras at every nook an' corner, especially at the entrance, but still..." Ivy continued, clenching and unclenching her clammy fists as she spoke while an eavesdropping Campbell remained hidden from view inside the radio station.
"Right...! An' ya do realize that that particular window doesn't have any grills on it." a hawk-eyed Mrs. Cohen pointed out to the open window. "Aye...I realize that now. Silly me, eh?" Ivy exclaimed, chuckling nervously and growing red with embarrassment. "I'd think yer goin bonkers along with those patients o' yers, Yvonne. With any luck, we might see ya yerself admitted ere at St. Dymphna's! Anyway, how's that husband o' yers? Heard he lost his job, went off his rocker on air, didn't he? Perhaps, ya oughta lock im up or get im the help he requires. Wouldn't want im to pose any danger to ya or the kids with his illness now, would we?" the haughty woman remarked, her eyes repeatedly scanning the window for signs of suspicious activity. "He's perfectly fine, ma'am. Gettin the help he needs. An' no disrespect, ma'am, but ya dunno Campbell like I do. I must be goin now. I've got patients to attend to." she excused herself, hurt by the tone that the insensitive woman had used while talking about Campbell. She let Mrs. Cohen leave first, flashing the duo a thumbs up and a toothy grin as they popped back up from their hiding place after the evil woman had left.

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