Chapter 18

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"Love...just please call be back when ya can, kay? I really love ya." he heard Fergus whisper lovingly and  tad pleadingly into the phone, before hurriedly hanging up on hearing the door creak open. "' who're we talkin to in such a secretive tone, eh?" Campbell teased, setting the snacks down on the desk. "None o' yer business! I mean...uh, Mr. Branson." Fergus lied, hiding the identity of the real person. "An' d'you always tell Mr. Branson that ya loooove im?" his mate teased further, causing him to turn beet red. "He won't even tell us who it is. Anyway, thanks for the snacks, by the way, Mr. B!"  Jason interrupted, stuffing his mouth with biscuits as he spoke and ate simultaneously. He was careful to wipe off any crumbs that spilt on the mixing console.
"Ya won't believe who I bumped into in the hallway. Stuart! He's an orderly ere now. I don't think he'll be one much longer though, after what just happened!" Fergus sighed in relief when Campbell switched to a different topic.  "What just happened?" he enquired, looking up curiously. "Ivy told im off, she did! It was a scoldin o' a lifetime, ya should've heard er! It was like music to my ears...apart from actual music, of course!" Campbell recounted, excitedly. "Gotta love that woman! Way to go, Mrs. B!" Kris cheered on, setting her juice box down to applaud, apparently a huge supporter of girl power too!
"I've got somethin else yer gonna love." Fergus revealed, chuckling at the thought of Stuart being told off, before he pulled out his swanky iPhone.  "What's that? A news app? Boy, yer really catchin up with the times, eh?" Campbell remarked, staring at the phone screen curiously over his shoulder. Philanthropist couple, Eddie and Francine McKenna to visit Scotland soon for a charity event for The Rowan McKenna Foundation the news article read.
If you're wondering, Eddie and Francine had moved to some remote island near Bora-Bora soon after their wedding, having fallen in love with the place during their honeymoon and since they both preferred to live in isolation, had settled there. He ran a famed radio station from the island where he spoke out on the atrocities committed by hospital staff on inmates and patients and was considered a philanthropist due to his generous donations to charities and to mental asylums. Occasionally he advertised the local window shutters business on it too. They'd also started their own charity after their 16 year old son, Rowan's death in a surfing accident.

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