Chapter 6

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He was as excited as a child on a sugar high! He'd run out of the university doors as soon as the final bell had sounded and his class had ended, heading straight for the hospital instead of the usual teacher's lounge, making his way to the designated door for his first day at the makeshift radio station. Before he started though, he had to put things in order and make the cramped room presentable enough to set up his equipment in. The excited man was standing in the hallway, palming the key to the room, reaching towards the keyhole to unlock the door when he felt an arm on his shoulder.Startled, he turned to see a young man in the lab coat staring at him curiously, with a hint of admiration.
"Heard what yer gonna do for the inmates ere, mate. Startin up that ol radio station with all them vinyls an' what not, yeah? Me, I prefer the new stuff, the mp3 gen, ya know? But still.....Real noble. Some o' the loonies ain't even heard any music, anythin actually for the voices in them's heads maybe!" Campbell listened to the fella ramble on in broken English as he gave him a tour of the premises. He was reluctant to waste any time on a tour of the hospital, but the lab coat-clad man had been insistent on showing him around, so he finally gave in, deciding to put off cleaning the radio station for later.  "Just spreadin some cheer via music. Just doin what I do best. It brings me pleasure, so I might as well share the pleasure with others, eh? Wow...Yer really young! Fresh outta med school?" a humble Campbell explained, flashing him a toothy, friendly smile.
"Not really. I'm an inmate. Love the lab coat? I borrowed it offa Dr. Manson. That quack didn't even notice it was gone, yeah? Serves that bastard right! Refused to have me discharged cuz apparently my Tourette's seemed to worsen...whatever that means! Anyway, suits me better, dontcha think?" his talkative friend revealed, boastfully. Campbell wasn't surprised that his newfound young friend has turned out to be an inmate, instead of the medical professional he'd mistaken him for earlier. In fact, he'd brought up some of Campbell's own fond memories. "Huh! I remember me an' my mate Fergus pulled off similar pranks durin our days at the asylum. Ya know, once, we slipped a few critters into this orderly, Stuart's sandwich an' watched the greedy bastard devour it...An' smack his lip...."  he reminisced about his time at St. Jude's, beginning to narrate with a wicked grin. "That explains it!" the young inmate interrupted, loud enough to make Campbell jump up in fright. "Scuse me?" Campbell enquired the reason for this sudden interruption. "I now get why ya wanna help us out with yer radio station. Ya used to be a loony just like the rest o' us. Us loonies should stick together, eh, mate? It's not like the normal folks out there give a shite bout us, do they?" the smart young fella deduced, before continuing to bellow out a loud declaration that could shake the walls of the hospital had it been any louder-"Loony an' proud!"  "Aye....Loony an' proud."  Campbell agreed, whispering it to himself as he was immediately transported back in time to the first time he'd shouted the same motivational chant out loud till his throat hurt, in that young and carefree manner all those years ago at the asylum.

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