Chapter 3

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"Mickey Montagio?! They got im to do the mornin show?! To replace me?! The man's bloody borin! He'd sooner put ya to sleep. Expect a lotta car crashes in the mornin, by the way. The cause- drivers fallin asleep at the wheel while listenin to Mickey McBoringhead spoutin rubbish facts bout seagulls. Did I mention he makes half o' those up as he goes along?! " Campbell rambled off, extremely ratty one morning as Ivy drove him to his new job. It wasn't at a radio station, if you're wondering that. Unfortunately, the radio stations in and around Scotland were hesitant about hiring him after his lil episode that'd made waves across the loch-covered country and the family couldn't move to London or anywhere else either because of Ivy's job and the kids' school. Instead, he taught media studies a university nearby. Ivy had pulled some strings with the administrator at the hospital where she worked- Mrs. Cohen, who also owned the above mentioned university. "Campbell, that's mean...." she began to protest his rudeness on hearing him. She soon changed her mind and agreed with him, scrunching her face up in disgust as she remarked- " ...oh, my Lord....he is borin!" "Told ya. Besides, when ya ask for Campbell Bain, ya get quality music. This fella once played All by myself on a loop. Now, I love Celine Dion as much as the next person, but that song is just a downer. I would've gone with somethin by Nirvana...ooh, or Hound Dog by Elvis- Now, that's a classic! Not a downer at all!" he began to ramble yet again, getting all reminiscent as he spoke. He spoke loud enough to drown out the bumbling buffoon on the radio who was now on his umpteenth fact about seagulls before a heavy metal mess of a song blared out from the stereo. "I can see he's botherin ya- This Mickey fella. I'll just change the station, shall I?" Ivy declared, deciding to put an end to his sulking.
"The University o' non-attention payers....brilliant!" he continued to sulk and frown, stepping out of the car as they pulled up at his new workplace. "You've only been ere a week an' yer already hatin it?! C'mon, love, brighten up! Things'll pick up." Ivy assured, peeking out from the car window with a sunshiney grin before speeding off to her own job, leaving a gloomy Campbell at the stairs of the old mansion-like university building with a briefcase in hand, looking all smart in his tweed jacket.
It'd been weeks since he'd started teaching the media studies class there and the chuckles still persisted when he turned his back and faced the board. Chuckles and whispers which he knew were insults aimed towards his mental state. Occasionally, a few of em would doze off. But, not the girl on the last bench- eager Ms. Kris McCauley. She was wide awake and her wide eyes seemed to follow him around the classroom.
She seemed to take a keen interest in what Campbell taught. Jotting every lil thing down in a lil notebook which she never put away in her backpack, instead carrying it pressed close to the fabric of her polka dotted sweater and close to her chest as if dear to her heart. She was a chatty one as Campbell realized, bumping into her in the corridors after the bell rang and the bored students sighed in relief and bustled out. "Mr. B! Oi, Mr. B!" he heard her familiar, raspy voice call out greetingly and turned to see her skid to a stop on her multicolored plimsolls and her pimply face look up at him. She'd decided to accompany him to the teacher's lounge yet again, making conversation as they went along.

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