Chapter 2

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Your alarm went off for you to get up for school. Your new self meant having a new morning routine, a new fashion style, as well as a new personality. You got up from your bed and took a quick shower putting on your clothes afterwards.

You let your long red hair rest on your shoulders. After that you went to go do your make up.

You had black high healed boots. You had finished so you grabbed your backpack and went down to the kitchen to get a granola bar. When you opened your door your brother was passing by, he just looked at you from head to toe with his mouth wide open. You smirked and closed his mouth while chuckling a little.

"Wouldn't want any bug getting in there, now would we" you laughed and walked past him heading to the kitchen. After you grabbed your granola bar, left the house and started walking to school. It wasn't a long walk it was about a 10 minute walk from your house to school. While you were walking every boy near you stared at you with there eyes wide open. You couldn't help but smirk they're so stupid you thought.

You reached the front of the school and everyone that was there was gossiping about you while you walked past them. You smoothly swayed your hips as you walked past people.

Boy 1:Oh god I think I got a boner by just looking at her...
Boy 2: I would totally bang her she's so hot...
Boy 3: Is she new I've never seen her around...
Boy 2: I don't know and I don't care I'm banging her...

Girl 1: Oh my god I love her hair she looks so badass...
Girl 2: Tsk as if! She is going to be the next person I beat up. She isn't prettier than me I can prove it the most handsome boy is my boyfriend.

Ahh yes Park Jimin the most handsome sexy fuckboy in this school. I would lie if I said I didn't have a crush on him. He is just perfect! But because I was a nerd, he never payed attention to me. Matter of fact he's never even talked to me and now to think that I have to compete against that slut. I'm not going to lie, right now, I look hotter than she does, as for Park Jimin I have him in all my classes.

The late bell rang right as you were putting your books in the locker but you didn't care. You took your time and walked to your first class. You knocked on the door 3 times and waited for a response.

"Come in" your math teacher said.

Yes, you have math first, it sucks but you have to deal with it. As you walk in everyone's eyes are on you and they start whispering to each other.

blah blah blah whatever

"Are you new here?" Wow, am I that different?! My teacher can't even recognize me! Wow, okay.

"No, I'm Y/N can I sit now?!" You kind of gave him attitude and he just nodded and the whispering began once again.

Boy 1: That can't be Y/N, she is so hot

Blah blah blah yeah that's me alright.

Something caught my attention as I walked to my seat. He was looking at me, finally looking at me?! He was paying attention that I actually exist in this world. He looked at me and I looked at him locking gazes. He gave me a cute smile but I just rolled my eyes at him and went to take a seat. I took out my phone and took a gum from out of the packet. I started scrolling through Instagram and Twitter, it was boring in class. The teacher started to notice I wasn't paying attention to him but paying attention to my phone.

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