Chapter 12

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As I waited for the docter to come out I was pacing back and forth in the waiting room getting a lot of worried stares from my friends and a lot of weird stares from other people in the room.

Please be okay, I wont know what to do if you leave me Y/n Please stay,

"Where is she?!! What happened to her?! How could this happen?!" I looked in front of me too see that he was here.

What is he doing here?!

"You!!" As I was pulled out of my train of thought I saw him trying to run up to me but my hyungs grabbed him before he could do anything.

"THIS IS ALL YOUR FUCKING FAULT!!! IF YOU WOULD HAVE PROTECTED HER SHE WOULDN'T BE HERE!!!" He really just put the blame on me and told me I didn't protect her?! hell no?!

"Who are you to come here and tell him it's his fault?" Jimin spoke up and let go of him to look directly at him.


My blood was boiling, how dare he even come in here and start screaming towards my friend.

"Didn't you say you hated her?! She cried because of you and you think you have the right to be getting mad?! You've beaten her up and you want to come act like a good big brother now?! After all this time!" He stopped struggling and just looked down at his feet.

"I don't know what you were thinking but I'm sure as hell you shouldn't be acting like you care, not now" with that I grabbed Jungkooks arm and pulled him off to the side and told him everything about her family and the way they treated her.


He's right, I didn't treat her right so why am I here? Because she's your sister! BUT I told her I hated her!! I beat her up countless times, I'm not her brother I'm just another person in she hates in her life....

Tears started streaming down my cheeks. Everything he had said was true, I don't even deserve to be here but my heart is telling me that I should be here, that I have to be here. It's telling me to stay until she wakes up but I don't think it's right.


As Seung-Hyun sat down tears streaming down his cheeks he couldn't stop remembering the times he hurt you. In those times when you blacked out he would always pick you up and place you on your bed he felt terrible. Everytime he did something to you it was teaeing him apart but he didn't want to get beat as well he knew it himself he was a pussy and he was very selfish for not helping you with them and deep down he always cared for you which is the reason why he was there at that moment feeling his heart break piece by piece.

Mean while in the hallway Jimin was explaining everything to Jungkook, he explained family issues and school issues, mental issues and emotional issues. Jimin didn't know if it was a good idea to tell Jungkook everything about you but the way he reacted when you got hurt made him trust Jungkook, it's like Jimin knew Jungkook wouldn't leave your side.


Run, just run, it won't hurt you if you keep running. I don't know how I got here, I was scared. It was just an empty road but on one side of the road it was pitch black, nothing could be seen from there just pure darkness. On the other side shines a bright light. I ran towards the light but something kept holding me back. It grabbed my arm harshly dragging me towards the dark and I managed to free myself as I ran. I didn't turn around I just kept running until something grabbed my foot and dragged me deeper and deeper into the darkness. The light that was once at the end of the road disappeared and I was left in the darkness alone and afraid.

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