Chapter 18

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"You were never a mother to her! She loved you and all you did was hate her! Why?!" I spoke with venom in my words. This lady made me hate every part of her in a few hours.

"Like I said before you would never understand! You didn't know her as a child! Now you know what I can do so keep your mouth shut foolish boy!" She spoke to me as if she was the highest person in the world.

"No one loves you I hope you realize that! Your son left you for your daughter!" I really wanted her to snap. I needed to see her break down.

"That thing is not my daughter she's a bastard that I could care less for! She ruined everything for me!" She then hung up the call.

I hoped my mom was okay and on her way here like she said. I really missed her all of this has been getting to me. I'm so stressed and tired and....... Sad.

"Y/N why? I know it hurts but you should have given me more time........ You should have waited a little longer for me to explain!" I got up and walked to the door. As soon as I reached the knob there was a knock on the door.

I reached to open it.

"Mom?!" I ran to her and hugged her tightly she cried into my chest.

"Kookie, are you o-okay?!" She looked up at me and examined every part of my face. I smiled at her lightly.

"Yes mom I'm fine but I should be asking you that...... Did they hurt you?" I looked into her eyes as she smiled oh so delicately.

"No baby they didn't hurt me I'm fine........ Though I do have several questions" I nodded to her and walked inside again. She asked me why they took her and how I got her back and I answered honestly.

"So my little boy is in love...... Wow baby I never knew this she must be truly happy to have you" she smiled widely but I just shook my head.

"Not really, to get you back I had to...." I drifted off as I remembered what she told me.

"Everything you said was a lie! Get out! LEAVE!"

I hurt her for my mother. She saw straight through me and came over to hug me. I hugged her back as she held me tightly.

"Why don't you look for her? Go chase her now that I'm back it should be good right?!" I let go of her and smiled weakly at her.

"No mom it's not that simple.... I broke her... Destroyed the joy and happiness she had.... To save you... But she doesn't know that.... She can't know that!" I was getting frustrated again. I have never been so torn. On one side I had to worry about the only woman that has ever been there for me, the one that will always be her...... My mother. On the other side I had the girl I fell in love with, the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with..... The one I wanted to create a family with....... Y/N.

"Go find her...... I'll be fine and if they get me again don't let her go you understand?" She stood up making stand with her. I looked at her with wide eyes.

"No!" I held her hands tears forming in my eyes. I looked directly at her with the tears threatening to come out.

"Do you love her?" She smiled. Is everything something to smile about for my mother.

"Of course I do but-"

"But nothing she is the person you love and since you love her you need to be with her helping her not me...... You are mature now and you have to make your own life..... With or without me" I couldn't hold them anymore I cried as I latched onto her. My sobs covered by her shoulder.

"I d-don't want anything to h-happen to y-you" I hugged her tighter than I ever have. She pat my back as she hushed me.

"I'll be fine but if you truly love this girl go after her you understand....... Now I don't want you coming back without her" she moved my head off her shoulder and wiped my tears. Again she smiled and kissed my forehead, sweetly and gently showing me just how much she cares and loves me.

"At least stay with Jimin for me while I settle everything down please" I said almost above a whisper she looked sad but simply nodded.

So with that we set out to Jimins home to try and explain everything to him. If he can just watch my mother for a few days while I try to handle everything with Y/N it will be great help. I hope she listens to me though. As soon as we arrive to Jimins home he opens and reluctantly lets me in.

"Care to explain?" He sounded as annoyed as ever but still interested. I took a deep sigh and started to explain everything.

As I finished the story he sat there eyes wide as can be and guilt written all over his face. I simply took a look at my mother that was looking at Jimin while smiling. Aish I swear she can't go a day without smiling I smiled at her joyfulness.

"Kook, I'm s-sorry I didn't-"

"Know? Yeah I know that's why I'm not mad. I understood where you were coming from that's why I'm here to ask you for something" he nodded at me gesturing me to continue.

"I'm going to go find her but I'm scared they will take my mother again I was hoping that maybe you could-"

"Of course I will" I wasn't even finished explaining what I wanted him to do but he agreed to anyway. I smiled and got up I walked to him and gave him a hug.

"Please take care of her" I looked into his eyes as he held my hand.

"With my life kook, now go get the girl you love" he smiled to which I returned it. I turned to look at my mom which was already looking at me. I walked up to her and kissed her forehead just like she did to me.

"Mom stay out of trouble, I'll be back as soon as possible..... Promise me you will be here when I come back?" I held her hands and looked her straight in the eyes. She put her left hand on my right cheek.

"Of course I will, I need to see the girl my boy is so in love with" I nodded and hugged her one last time. I looked at Jimin and nodded he nodded as well.

Time to get you back Y/N, no matter what you are coming back with me if it's the last thing I do


As Jungkook left Jimins house his mother and Jimin were both standing by the window watching him leave. Jimin was hoping that you would listen to Jungkook but he knew it would be hard. Jungkooks mother hoped that nothing happened to him or the girl he loves......

Jungkook had only one thing in mind, getting you back was his priority at the moment..... And that's exactly what he was going to do

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