Chapter 20

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Have y'all seen JUNGKOOKS HAIR😍😍😍 I'm in love all over again enough of me though lets get back to the story where'd we leave off? Oh yes........


My heart was beating in my chest as I speed towards the ticket booth. I stood waiting in line for my turn to buy the ticket. It felt like an eternity as I waited but soon enough I was called.


"L.A. one ticket, any place I don't care just put me on the next flight out" I pulled my wallet out as the man typed on his computer.

"The next flight to L.A. leaves in 15 minutes and the only available seating is in the VIP area would you still like to-"

"I'll take it!" I showed my ID and gave him the money as he passed me the ticket.

I ran towards the hall that I was supposed to wait for the flight. I sat down on one of the chairs my leg constantly bouncing up and down at a constant rate. I don't know why I felt nervous but I did. I would lean back in my seat, look around, and then lean forward and it was just something I kept doing. Suddendly I heard a ringtone and I jumped a little as I looked at my phone. A random number I was in doubt to answer but I did anyway. I felt something pulling me towards the call.


"Jungkook? Is that you?" Is that? But how?

"Where are you?"

My breath was caught in my lungs. My words stuck in my throat as I heard him speaking to me. I didn't know why he was calling me.

"I-I........ Ummm...... Why are you calling me?" He sighed deeply but in a frustrated manner.

"Are you at the airport?" His voice was stern and serious. It made me gulp.

"Y-yes" he sighed once again.

"When does your flight leave?"

"In about 5 minutes now why?" There was a lot of noise to the point where I put the phone away from my ear.

"Seung-Hyun what's happening?" I heard a car slam closed.

"It's her mom Jungkook...... She got her" I could feel the adrenaline in my blood sworm through my body as my hands turned into fists.

"What!" My knuckles now a nice shade of white as I started breathimg heavily.

"I'm going to go and confront her about it...... I need you to go and stay somewhere while I handle. When I finally get it out of her I'll give you a call and you need to go get her understood" I huffed out a breath as I could feel the anger in me.

"Yeah...... Hurry please I don't want anything to happen to her" he replied a simple I got it and hung up.

They called my flight as I ran to the entrance I sat to where I was meant to go and waited. This is going to be the longest flight ever.


My hands gripped the steering wheel tightly my knuckles turning white. My chest rising and falling at a quick pace. I swear mom when I find you you'll regret ever taking her from me.

I speed threw cars and pass red lights. Finally I could see the building where my mother passed most of her time. The bar. She always drowned her sorrows there before going home and beating her "daughter" half to the death. She thinks I don't know the truth but I do. She thinks I'm still a stupid little boy but I've come to understanding that she was a bad person. Y/N never deserved being treated the way she did by her filthy hands all because-

I parked the car and ran straight into the bar. The smell of alcohol and cigarette filling my nostrils. Immediately my eyes caught her slim figure sitting on a stool drinking soju. My gaze went from a simple look to hard gaze. As if feeling my angry gaze on her she turned around. Her eyes met mine as she froze in place. I walked straight to her as I held eye contact. Not once did she move, she was just frozen in place. As I reached her she gaspes in surprise.


"Shut up! You're coming with me now!" I grabbed her arm as I started dragging her out of the bar. All the guys in the bar just watched as I dragged her out. She kept whining in pain and trying to get out of my grasp.

I tightened my grip on her arm as she yelped. I finally stepped outside finding my car. I opened the passenger seat and threw her into it as she let out a surprised gasp. I shut the door and walked over the drivers side. As I went in I saw her arm and it was starting to get red definitely leaving a bruise.

"S-Seung-Hyun what h-happened?" I laughed as I pulled out of the parking and drove to a warehouse that I knew of.

"I think you know exactly what's wrong........ Where's Y/N mom?" I saw as her eyes went wide for a split second before she returned back to normal. A scowl evident on her face.

"That bitch! Why would-"

"My sister! She's my sister not a bitch and if anything you're worse than her now tell me..... Where. Is. My. Sister." I could see her flinch at my raise of voice. I sped up more seeing the warehouse up ahead. The tired screech as I made a hault.

"I-I don't know w-what you're talking a-about" she avoided my gaze as a smile graced my lips.

"Oh mom you're such a bad lier..... How about this you tell me right now and there is no harm done or....... You don't and I force it out of you............ Which one do you choose mom?" I turned my body towards her a smirk on my face. Of course she would get hurt no matter what but she didn't know that. She stayed quite and looked down at her lap.

"So?" The sound of anger rolling off my tongue made her look up at me wide eyed.

"You w-wouldn't hurt your mom...... Would you?" I only smirked as she visibly shakes.

"No" she says as she looks at me.

"I'm not going to tell you that bitch deserves to die! I'm not letting you ruin this! I've waited so-AHHH!" She screamed in agony as I pulled her hair towards me. My breathing was heavy and rapid as I looked straight into her tearful eyes.


I swear I'll find you Y/N even if I hurt her! She has hurt you so much that I'll do anything just to get you back.



As Seung-Hyun was busy chaining up her mother to the pole Jungkook was landing in Lax. Both took heavy signs as Seung-Hyun heard chains rattle and Jungkook was able to leave the airport. They both hopped to find you and they would do anything to find you. With there mind set on finding you they head off to there duty. Meanwhile you werw tied up to a chair breathing heavily as a major headache built in you. You slightly slurred out of your dizzy daze as you looked around. All consumed in darkness as the room started to spin again as more darkness consumed you. Sending off to a painful sleep. Please Jungkook save me She thought before she blacked out for the second time.


So? Good? Bad? Feelings? Hatred? Do you guys want me to show the part where Seung-Hyun tortured his mom or leave it out and add in the journey Jungkook goes through to get you back? Or both I can write both if you want? I'm blabbering again 😅😅😅😅 sorry I hope you like it and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE READS I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH💖💖💖~ KOOKIE MORALES😘😘😘

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