Chapter 10

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She got out of my hold and started running towards the fight. As much as I was in pain I had to go after her. Are you stupid or something your going to get hu-

"Oh my God" I said under my breath. I couldn't believe my eyes, Sehun had a Gun pointed straight to Jungkooks chest and Y/n had started to run faster towards him. She was running as fast as she could to reach Jungkook.


Everything stopped for me as I felt my heart race.

"NOOOOO" how could he? Is he crazy?! He just shot somebody!!!! Everyone dropped to the floor as a pool of blood covered both Y/n and Jungkook.

I saw someone calling emergency services for help as Sehuns friends ran away. As soon as they saw him shot somebody they freaked out and ran away. I don't know if he has ever done that before but he put the gun back in his waist belt and started running towards where I was. I needed to stop him so I tripped him as he passed by me. He slide on the floor and turned facing me about to get his gun but I was faster than him. I got on top of him and punched him. He started losing consciousness and that's when my friends pulled me off of him.

"JIMIN! Stop! You need to help remember them!" Taehyung said and I ran straight back.



I heard Jimin scream at the sound of the shot. I started crying as I looked up at Jungkook. He was shocked, eyes wide. He thought he was going to die but instead I was the one with the bullet in my back. My blood pouring out as if I had just been cut open. I let out a breathy laugh and smiled towards him.

"Bet you didn't see that coming did ya?" I said as I feel to the floor. I saved his life but now mine was going to come to an end.

I saw my blood on the floor and I started having a metal taste in my mouth. I turned away from Jungkook and coughed up blood. My back ached and I started to get dizzy.

"Y/n?! Are you okay?!" He asked panicked. I chuckled lightly at his concern.

"Of course I'm not...... I have a bullet in my back. I'm dying and I'm messing up your clothes *Cough Cough* ima have to pay for *Cough Cough* that" *Heavy breathing* I smiled lightly.

"How can you be laughing and making jokes about something so serious?!" He moved up and made me lay on my side as I groaned in pain and coughed up more blood.

"I'm joking......*Heavy Breathing*..... cuz I saved you......*Cough*..... and that's what I wanted" I started seeing black dots as I realized I have lost a lot of blood. My entire life was coming to an end for a guy I just met.

I looked up at the Jungkook with black dots now covering his face and smiled towards him. I started to here sirens and people's feet scattered everywhere. I was sure that I would faint soon.

"I might make it , I might not, All I know is that your safe. Please take care of yourself, I don't want to keep taking the shots *Heavy breathey laugh* that shit hurts" I started feeling my eyes droopy as I stopped hearing, everything was tunning out. I was slowly falling into a pitch black slumber in which I was scared I would never wake up. The last thing on my mind being that I saved Jungkooks life.


As you finally let your eyes close Jungkook couldn't help but let his tears slip down. Jimin was still making his way towards the both of you.

He couldn't help but think that everything that happened was his fault, for getting in the fight, for telling you he was going to be okay, and for totally forgetting you were very stubborn and would find a way back. He really thought you would listen.

He was scared to lose you, scared to not be able to hear your sweet voice that can make him smile in an instant. He started sobbing as he hugged your unconscious form that was slowly bleeding out.

Jimin had finally reached your side when he heard Jungkook crying his heart out. He looked at you and saw your eyes that were closed and he also cried. He cried silently as he put his hand on Jungkooks shoulder trying to get his attention.

"Stop crying! You can still save her but you have to get her out of here and take her to the hospital. I don't know how long it will take for the ambulance to get here but hurry and go" Jungkook looked shocked but quickly nodded carrying your light body with out hurting you out of the mall. He ran all the way to his car thinking you were going to be fine and that everything would go back to normal as he went of to the hospital.

Jimin on the other hand saw as he carried you away wishing it was him. He knew you would be better with Jungkook-- hell you even took a Gun shot for him! He knew that you would do that for him too but not in that state of mind............ Just a friend.

He started crying thinking the worst things as his friends came back hugging the sobbing Jimin. They told him everything was going to be fine and that you were going to be fine. He knew that was true but he still couldn't help but think the worst.



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