Chapter 5

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I was walking around trying to find my next class since Y/N left me all alone in the classroom. I was hoping she would take me but I guess that idea went down the drain. As I was walking I heard a lot of people talking about something but right now I couldn't really care. Something caught my attention though.



What are they talking about? Who is Y/N beating up? Why do they say he?!
You started panicking a little as you walked closer to the crowd and made your way to the front. You saw Y/N on top of a guy while punching him. It looked like she had no mercy with him, like if she was trying to kill him with her own hands. She got turned around by him and he started hitting her just as bad.

What the hell!! he did not just fucking do that?! my blood started boiling and the only thing I felt was rage and anger. He was going to hit her again

I can't watch this I need to do something..... As you were thinking your body just jumped straight to action and pushed him off her. You punched him and turned around to see Y/N looking all dumbfounded.

"HEY ARE YOU OKAY!!" She just looked at you but she didn't answer.

"Y/N ANSWER ME!! WHY AREN'T YOU ANSWERING ME!!" You picked her up and turned to the guy. You saw he had a evil smile on his face and your anger only grew as you punched him again, making him stumble. When you turned around you saw Y/N drop to the floor.

"Y/N!!" Oh no oh no what do I do?! You ran to her and everyone was gasping and talking but at the moment the only thing you cared about was Y/N.

"Hey hey I'm here okay listen to me I'll always be here just keep your eyes open for me please.... please!!" As soon as you finished your sentence she closed her eyes.

"NO Y/N!!! OPEN YOUR EYES LET ME SEE YOUR beautiful eyes.......... please" you were on the verge of tears but you had to be strong for her. With the last bit of your strength you picked her up and took her to the nurse.

"Please help me!!" You told the nurse while setting Y/N on the bed.

"What happened to her?" the nurse asked as she grabbed the first aid kit.

"She got..... ummm" if I tell her she got hit by a boy she is going to tell the principal, but if I say anything-- I can't think of anything ugh WORK BRAIN WORK DAMMIT?!?!?!

"Don't tell me she got in another fight?!" Another so she has gotten in other fights before???

"Y-Yeah she did" what will she do?

"This girl she never learns she got hurt all the time before you know? She hurt a LOT of people but she always ended up coming here with bruises on her self...... I never understood why she got into fights?! You know what it does to you, it only makes things worse in your life, she's a very smart girl but she's pretty dumb for this..."
I wonder why she fights so much and who was that guy?? He shouldn't have hit a girl who does he think he is?!

"I think you should go to class she'll be fine she just fainted..." The nurse said with a sweet smile.

"Um........ okay I'll go but please take care of her" you said with a worried tone and expression.

"Of course it's kind of my job but you should go now or else you'll be late" the nurse said while putting a bandage on Y/N cheek.

"Okay thank you good bye..." you said bowing to the nurse and walking out.

Please be okay Y/N and don't worry from now on I'll protect you!-- wait what? why would I protect her?! What is this feeling, I can't like her I don't even know her yet!!! I probably feel the need to help her right?! Yeah that's it, the need to help her, so I'll just help you not because I like you but because I want to help you......


Oww why does my head hurt so much?! You started opening your eyes but you closed them as soon as the light in the room started blinding you. You waited a while and your eye sight slowly started adjusting to the light.
You were laying in a bed the ceiling the same color as the rest of the room, all white, but at the far end sat a little desk with a computer and a chair with wheels.

"Oww my head" you groan in pain while trying to sit up. Your hand grabbing your head to try and stop the pounding.

"Oh good you have finally awoken how are you feeling?" You looked to the side and saw the nurse standing by the bathroom door.

"My head is killing me! W-what happened?" You asked as you sat on the edge of the bed.

"Oh well the usual you know, you got in a fight just this time you came worse than before and the guy that brought you here was really worried about you. Do you want me to let him know your awake?" A guy? Brought me here? What?! As you were thinking everything came back to you.

That's right the fight Sehun! He hit me real hard and then ...... Jungkook was there he....., hit Sehun for me but wait he told me that he was there for me........ but why?!

"Hey you want me to get you some water to see if your head ache gets better?" The nurse asked you while holding your shoulder examining your wounded face.

"Umm no no I'm fine thanks...... but about the guy did he say anything before leaving or something?" The nurse stopped to think.

"Yeah he asked me to take care of you, it looks like he really cares for. I'll tell him your awake..." with that she walked out and you were left in the room alone waiting for Jungkook.

Why would he get into the fight?! Is he stupid he would've gotten hurt! But he's brave I like it-- wait no stop you don't even know him. I'm not going to deny he was pretty cool. He got in but why does he care about me he doesn't even know me does he- No? He can't he doesn't even know me. He probably thinks he owes me something or he's just being nice, yeah probably......... that's it, but why would he punch Sehun? He will end up getting beat up by him. I have to protect him-- I don't know why I just feel like I do. He protected me and now he even watches over me so, I'll watch over him yeah I'll car---

You train of thought was cut off when you heard the door knob turning and a head popping in and immediately you had a smile on your face.


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