Chapter 27

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I sat down on the chair in front of the desk and studied the case. I looked at the pictures and then read the statements of the witnesses that saw the crime. My mind was glued to a certain image. It was a picture right next to the body, a picture of a couple was displayed. I looked thoroughly and realised the face of the man was scribbled out. Immediately I picked up my phone and called the number of my partner.

"Hello?" He said through the phone as I studied closer the image.

"Hey Chim, did they happen to pick up the image that layed right next to the body?" You asked as you picked up the next image realizing that the place was trashed. Sure as hell doesn't seem like suicide.... You thought as the places seemed to have small bits of blood on the wall.

"Actually, Hold up give me a sec-" He said as you read over the statements.

"It seemed as though he struggled to survive, like he wanted to die but then bailed last minute but it was already too late" One statement said from the girlfriend. You then proceeded to read the statement of the neighbor.

"I heard a lot of ruckus coming from the other side and when I went to look through the window it seemed as someone was trying to kill him" You took out the recording device and played it.

"Why does she say that it seemes as someone wanted to kill him when you were the only one there?" You asked and you could hear the faint silence come through the recording.

"The lady is old and it came from across the room, it probably seemed like that while I was trying to bring him down" You thought and looked thoroughly threw everything.

"Okay Y/N they said they didn't so they gave us permission to go over there now" You smiled and opened your mouth to speak when a knock interrupted your speech.

"Hey ready to go? Chim told me to come with" You immediately hung up the call and smiled wider.

"Yeah lets go" You smiled at your boyfriend that was leaning against the door frame.

"You look beautiful in your outfit" he said as you walked over to him. You stood in front of him adoring the way his police uniform fit perfectly around every curve of his body.

"Mr. Jeon is flirting at work?" You giggled and pecked his cheek.

As you trying to head out the door he put his arm around your waist and pulled you closer to him. Your breath hitched and he smirked at your nervous form. He leaned down and pressed his soft lips against yours. A sigh left your mouth at the feeling of his lips capturing your own in a loving tease. You gently wrapped your arms around his neck and tilted your head to the side, deepening the kiss. His hands tightly held onto your waist as he devoured every inch of your lips.

His hands slowly moved down gripping your ass and giving it a tight squeeze. You moaned into his mouth as he slowly started to lick your bottom lip.

"This is work not an apartment! Come on before I have to see things I don't want to!" You could hear Jimin scream from across the room. The room was suddenly filled with a bunch of 'ooooos' and 'yuck' and you pressed your face into Jungkook chest.

He chuckled and grabbed your hand dragging you towards Jimin. You let him drag you towards him before looking up towards the adorable Mochie standing in front of the both of you. He smiled before calling for Taehyung to come along. A smirk formed on your lips as you saw Jimin look at you.

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