Chapter 1

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"YOUR UGLY ASS BETER GET DOWN HERE AND MAKE DINNER BEFORE I GO UP THERE AND MAKE YOU!" UGH I hate them so much... that if your asking was my father. He's such a pain in the ass but he's my father and I still love him. I know stupid right? But he is my father.... So now if you'll excuse me I have to make food.

"Appa what do you want to eat?" I asked him while he was sitting there watching t.v. with my older brother and mom.

"I don't care but make it good or else it won't go good for you understand?!" I nodded my head and bowed as I walked in the kitchen. What should I make him? I'm not exactly a great cook but I bet I can make some rice cakes... Right?

~25 minutes later~
I think that's good enough, I hope they like it and that it came out well. I don't want to get hurt today.

"Appa,eomma, oppa the food is ready!" I yelled for them to come to the kitchen. I had set the table for all four of us when suddendly I felt my hair being tugged.

"Ouch what was that for!?" My stupid older brother pulled my hair and laughed.

"I hate you that's why haha!" He always told you that and you always thought he was playing.

"Umm.... Why is there four places? For all I know there's only three of us that are going to eat?.... Oh... you think you can eat with us, you make me laugh, you're nothing to us. You can get out now, you're not eating with us ever, you skank!" Your father said as he put your plate away.

You couldn't say anything, you hated how they treated you but their your family and you didn't want to be rude to them. You just ran up to your room and cried, your own family is a piece of shit but they treat you worse suddenly a loud sound was heard coming from the kitchen where your family was eating. You were scared, you knew something bad would happen and that it was gonna go bad for you but you didn't care anymore you just........... Let it happen.

Your bedroom door swung open revealing three angry family members with stuff in their hands. You couldn't figure out what it was at first until they started yelling at you.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?! THEY TASTE LIKE CRAP! I TOLD YOU TO MAKE THEM WELL AND NOW YOU HAVE TO GET PUNISHED!!!" Your father said as he threw the food at you angrily walking over to you. He started beating you as your mother and brother helped him with that.

"NO ONE FUCKING LOVES YOU! WHY ARE YOU STILL ALIVE!!!!?" Your brother said as he kicked you in the stomach.

"I REALLY WISH YOU WERE NEVER BORN! YOU ARE JUST SO ANNOYING AND IRRITATING!!!" Your mom yelled in your face while she slapped you, you couldn't stop the tears from rushing down your cheeks,not anymore. You were in pain, physically and emotionally.


They spit on you and left you there on the floor with new bruises. You were crying, streams of tears kept falling from your eyes and at that point you started to think.

Why do I have to live like this?! What did I do to deserve this?! Maybe they're right I'm just wasting space, I shouldn't be here!!!! I hate them so much, I'm tired of them treating me like this! Maybe it's time for me to show them I'm not just someone they can toss around?! I'll show them and prove they won't be able to do anything without me... They will regret treating me like this.

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