Chapter 8

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We got to the bus stop by the mall and I turned around to leave the bus but when I did I saw Jimin. I forgot he was here with me. When I looked at him I saw that he had fallen asleep. He looks so cute and squishy.

He looks so adorable I just-- ~Budump Budump~ Woah what was that? Was that my heart? But Jimin is only my friend and I could never like him in that sense

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He looks so adorable I just-- ~Budump Budump~ Woah what was that? Was that my heart? But Jimin is only my friend and I could never like him in that sense.... I could never like anyone in that matter....

"MMM" Oh he's waking up! okay calm down....

"Hey cutie it's time to go come on hurry" WHAT did I just call him?! Omg Y/N you just fucked up big time!!!

"Huh oh we're here? Then let's go!!" he grabbed your hand and pulled you out of the bus.

Not only was your heart racing but so was his. His heart was beating so fast and loud by the contact you two had. You were blushing not even realising the smile on your face. He started running towards the mall pulling you behind him while you both laughed out loud. It had been a long time since you had laughed.

You both walked into the mall still hand in hand breathing heavily while looking around the mall seeing if you could find Jimins friends. Jimin spotted them and pulled you towards them. You started laughing and it was probably the first time Jimin heard you laugh so happily. It made him smile and his body heat up while his heart thumped loudly. You made him so happy because you were happy.

"Hey guys *heavy breath* we're here" I started giggling.

He looked so funny out of breath. He still had his hand in mine but I felt comfortable with it. It had a safe feeling like I was safe around him. I don't understand why I have never felt this way before but it feels good to be happy. I guess I've never actually had this kind of feeling before making it 10 times better...

"Yo Jiminie pabo did you run all the way over here?" I think the one named Taehyung said that.

I know some of Jimins friends but not enough. I know how they look like but not all there names, or what type of people they are.

"From the bus stop but not from school that would just be crazy..." Jimin told his friend. I don't know what I'm doing here they hardly know me and I barley know them.

"Are you two a thing now?" One of them  said while pointing his finger from Jimin to me. I thought he couldn't talk, I forgot his name but I guess I'll figure it out soon.

"Of course we are a thing" Jimin said-- wait WHAT DID HE JUST SAY WE ARE A THING?!

Jimin suddenly put his arm around your shoulder while you were frozen like a statue under him. Threw all of this the one person that didn't expect you to be here happened to be watching the entire thing and he felt heart broken.

"She's my best friend of course what were you thinking?" Jimin suddendly told all his friends while laughing at there shocked expression. I elbowed Jimin softly in his stomach and giggled. Not only were they shocked but you were too.

"He's weird isn't he?" I asked his friends while laughing at Jimin holding his stomach. I was able to get his arm off my shoulder but I felt a little sad. It felt comfortable being in his embrace.

"Me? Weird? I don't think so, I would call it having actual humor that you don't have..." his friends laughed a little while Jimin started laughing.

"I might not have humor but at least I got jams, unlike you..." I threw back and his friends bursted out in laughter.

I was rolling on the floor laughing. He was mad and pouting like a little kid. I went to him and pinched his cheek and he just smiled at me and started to laugh. My eyes caught something that took my attention off of Jimin. It was Jungkook, he was looking at all of us laughing. He was standing there not doing anything he looked deep in thought. It looked like he didn't like being here so I guess I can be nice for one afternoon right?

You started walking towards Jungkook but he didn't realise. He was to busy thinking if it was true that you and Jimin were best friends or if there was more to the story. He was almost 100% sure he had some sort of feeling for you.

"You know you should actually try to have fun and not just stand here..... I mean why else would you be here for right?" I told him while I stood right next to him. I saw him jump a little at my sudden presence next to him.

"Umm, Y-Yeah I just don't know them to well yet you know?"

Jungkook turned to look at you but you weren't looking at him. You didn't want to look at him but he wanted you to look at him. You could feel his gaze on you. He didn't really try hiding the fact that he was actually looking at you.

"I don't know them well enough either but I still try to have fun for at least a little while with them...... Don't you think that's better than standing here thinking?" I finally had the courage to turn and look at him.

He was closer than I thought. His face was breathtaking, his eyes could hypnotize anyone or anything that looked at them directly. His skin as smooth as could be. He had a small scar on his left cheek. His top lip thin while his bottom lip was some what full. His cute little mole under his bottom lip. He was perfect, no one could compare to his beauty. I couldn't find strengths to turn away, his face to hypnotizing.

"Yes, yes I do. Then if you don't mind let's go have fun ..." he stretched his hand out for me to grab it but before I did I screamed.

"Come on guys arcade time!!" I yelled at all of them and turned to Jungkook grabbing his arm and pulling him while running to where the arcade was. Jungkooks touch is different, I feel like I can be myself if I'm with him. I can feel his care even threw just a little skinship, it radiates off of him.

You kept running into a lot of people while Jungkook was trying not to fall down with everyone he was bumping into. The other members were already getting tired of running towards the arcade but they still managed to keep up.

"Come on guys were almost the-" I bumped into someone hard. I had bumped into many people but this person was so stiff it felt like I hit a wall. I feel to the floor and landed on my butt HARD.

"Ah fuck that hurt" I felt people on both sides of me trying to lift me up. I looked to my left and saw Jimin he smiled at me and I smiled back. I then looked to my right and Jungkook was there grabbing hold of my arm.

"Are you okay?" They both asked me at the same time. All I did was nod and I turned to the person. I was mad and everyone around me could feel my anger. My gaze changed from the happy me to the gaze that made everyone scared of me.

While you were staring at the person, Jungkook and Jimin looked at each other with worried expressions. They both knew very well that as soon as you hit the floor you were going to be pissed off and that you would need that person to apologize even if it wasn't there fault. Sadly that's how you were and they knew there was nothing they could really do about it.

I went up to the person and tapped em on the shoulder. I don't know and I don't care but I felt someone behind me. I looked carefully behind me and saw Jungkook standing there his face was pale as snow and his eyes were wide open. He was just frozen there and I carefully turned around.

"You!" I said threw gritted teeth

"Well look who we have here....."

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