Chapter 4

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Time Skip~

It's been a few weeks since you started beating up random people that tried to stand up for the people that you beat. Everyone in school was completely terrified of you. They were scared that they were going to end up like the queenkas, so they tried there best to stay out of your way. You never got expelled but you did get many, MANY, detentions. You would also ditched a lot and you talked back to the teachers. Your family, well they figured out to not bug you ever again.

It's the start of another week of school and you got there late like always. You were wearing a black tank top with a black/White/grey flannel. Black wripped jeans with black vans. You had dyed the tips of your hair into a grey/Whitish hair dye. You had your skate board in your hand while you walked up the stairs. No one stares at you because they're scared of you so they just stay quite while you walk past them. You didn't feel like going to class on time so you went up to the roof top, the only place you actually feel okay. *Sigh*

"You alright?" It didn't startle You because you knew exactly who it was. He is always up there in the morning. You have no clue why he still tries talking to you but you feel good when you talk to him.

"Define alright Jimin?" He just chuckled and got up from the floor walking over to you.

"Parents? Or students?" He knew one of those two were bothering you but you didn't want to talk about your feelings, in fact you never really show any emotion at all.

"Doesn't matter.... aren't you going to class Mr. Park?" He was the kind of student that would leave if he really wanted to but most of the time he stayed. You guys became kind of close to each other but not enough to make you show your true emotions to him.

"Yes ma'am what about you? Is Ms. Badass FINALLY going to go to class?" He laughed after he emphasized finally.

"Oh haha I always go to class..... okay that was a lie, but I'm going to go to class late. You know that I hate being there early." he sighed then rolled his eyes playfully.

"Okay I'll see you in class then" he grabbed his bag and went to class.

Why couldn't I have had a normal life? maybe like that I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing and I could probably be happy....

You thought to yourself as you looked of into the distance. It had been a while that you were deep in thought when the late bell rang.

*Sigh* You grabbed your things and put your headphones in before walking to class. Like always you didn't knock, you just walked in and sat down at your seat. No one dared to sit next to you or even in front of you or just generally near you but the only person who sat in front of you was Tzuyu. You weren't exactly friends but you didn't feel like you could hurt her.

You took of one earphone while the teacher started talking about a new student. You could really care less about him or her. Someone else for me to make them scared... you thought as you looked out the window.

You heard the door open and you heard a lot of people squealing and say stuff like, "OMO he's so handsome or he has to be my boyfriend he looks so shy". You looked around at all the girls that were squealing and when they made eye contact with you they immediately shut there mouths.

"Okay Would you please introduce yourself" you looked at the teacher and the student next to him. Wow, there right he is hand- Y/N WHAT?! No! Stop it! He is someone else you could beat up! Stop thinking nonsense.... as you were looking at him his eyes meet yours. He gently smiled at you but you rolled your eyes and looked away while putting your ear phones on and blasting the music.

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