Chapter 11

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I was running, Jimin was right the ambulance wouldn't get there on time. I was getting blood all over my shirt but I didn't care. Everything I'm doing now is going to save her, at least I hope it will. I just wanted to protect her from him but she still took the bullet at the end. I put her in the back of my car and she started groaning in pain. I got in the driver's seat and I made my way towards the hospital.

"Listen to me Y/N you can't die you hear me!!" You can't leave me here alone I've been alone and I hate it!!

"You sound like Jimin" she started giggling a little. I love it and I hate it that in a time like this she could find a time to be laughing.


"Your fine it's going to be okay I'm going to the hospital already-"


"You'll be fine they'll help-"


"Don't say that" I felt it, something weird, it's probably one of the worst feelings ever and it was all in my heart. It ached, terribly. Just a while ago she was laughing about it. It hurts. I started crying as I passed red lights and sped to the hospital but ut was still a good 5 minutes away.

"It's the truth, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry but I had to do it, I just couldn't see you get shot I just-" She started sobbing into her hands and all you could do was watch and hope to make it to the hospital fast. I knew it, she was scared of dying but she was more scared of seeing me die. It's the same way with me.

"Please Jungkook whatever happens promise me one thing"

"Nothing is going to happen to you everything is going to be fine"

"Please Jungkook I'm bleeding out, I don't have much time so just promise me this-- if I don't make it just know that I'll be fine okay, but you have to be happy, go out and enjoy life"

"I DON'T WANT TO ENJOY LIFE IF IT ISN'T WITH YOU!!! I'VE KNOWN YOU FOR SUCH A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME AND I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT BUT IT'S TRUE.......... Y/N I- I love you and I can't imagine life without you anymore. You were the reason why I would wake up in a happy mood to go to school. I was able to see you and that made me the happiest person ever, I just don't want to be scared of waking up in the morning and remembering that your not there anymore..." My heart raced and my eyes started to sting.

"Jungkook ~Cough Cough~ thank you, I- I- Love you too ~Slowly losing consciousness~ [Or in a way slowly sounding drunk and falling asleep] I never thought I would say it but you make me happy" -Mumbling words and unconscious-

"Y/N!!!???? Y/N???!!!! NO!!!!" I was so close to the hospital it was just a few feet away and I already feel scared, scared to end up like her, scared to end up without her, scared to think that I won't be able to have her anymore, scared to not see her, scared to lose her.


Jungkook was at the hospital hot tears streaming down his face as he asked for help. A lot of people formed around him as he took out the girl he loves from the back seat covered in her own blood. Your slim figure and small body not moving a single bit, not even weighing much to him as he ran into the hospital. A lot of doctors surrounded him as they took the once filled with life body of yours out of his arms and into a bed rolling it to the emergency room. All Jungkook could do was stay by your side til the very last second, he was crying as he punched the wall various times thinking about how he could have let something happen to you.

As your body was on the bed all you were dreaming about was a life with him, the person that actually made you love him without trying at all, the person that could possibly make you laugh if he wanted to, the person that was worring about you, and then Jimin. He was always there for you, he was your best friend as much as you didn't want to admit it, he was your only friend, the only one that actually wanted to be by your side while everyone else was just trying to get in your pants. All these happy thoughts soon to be disappeared the more you went into a deep slumber, the only thought left in your mind was, probably the only thing that made you smile.......

His beautiful bunny teeth smile

Thank you all for reading my story I hope you stick around to find out what happens😄😄

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