The sassy nerd

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So in my last nerd related rant, i mentioned how a typical "nerd" in a wattpad book looks like. You know, big glasses, always clumsy and carrying some books? Well yeah, now that type of classic nerd are out the window, we have a new age of "nerds" making their way into the highschool story genre (not exactly a genre yet but IT TOTALLY SHOULD BE).


Now, you probably would have seen these books before. if you havent, go check the "humor" section on wattpad.
(random: did you know theres actually a book titled "my sassy nerd" on wattpad? I was so amused that i saw it just as i was writing this chapter lmao)
Basically these stories are still a good old bad boy x good girl story but now its revamped to...bad boy x sassy nerd!

What counts as a sassy nerd story?

1) summary mostly starts with:

-mc is not your usual nerd, she says what she wants and is not afraid to punch anyone that offends her. Including the schools most notorious bad boy....

- imagine this: you're lying on your bed just chilling and reading a book when suddenly...some hot guys break into your room! Any normal person would scream but instead, our beloved sassy nerd mc PUNCHES THEM!! (but still gets "kidnapped" anyway)

2) most books in the "humor genre".

3) the book summary mentions the words "sassy" and "nerd" at least once.

Ok, so that's basically how to spot a sassy nerd book. But...

What is wrong with a "sassy nerd"?
(Is it just me being a bitch thats never pleased or nah?)

1) the authors just can't tell the difference between "sassy" and "downright rude". There is a line drawn between "being witty, knowing a good comeback" and "Everyone is below me so i get to be rude and still be known as a tumblr sass queen"

2) The only reason why the book can be put in the "humor" genre is because of the childish temper tantrums mc has or the "sassy" comebacks she says to literally everyone.

3) The mc is mostly just a rude bitch but gets "tamed" by some "bad boy"

Before anyone, starts complaining about how i am impossible to please (chapters ago i wanted some sassy nerds and now i am unhappy with them?!)
Let me get this straight:

This is not always a bad thing and some can be really funny and good but like i always say...DONT OVERDO IT.
I only dislike SOME CLICHE SASSY NERD BOOKS because of the reasons i mentioned above.
There ARE some really good ones out there i won't lie...
So all im saying is...

Do everything in moderation!
(or it becomes a cliche soon enough)

"Jena's quote/favourite word of the year: moderation is key"

Like solar sands(one of my fave youtubers?) and his seemingly favourite word "opinion"
My favourite word is "moderation"

With that, i conclude this chapter:)

Sass-ing out,

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