lemons and nekos

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These are....fine. I guess. I have not much to say and i only have one pet peeve for this

1) slave and master
These are just a kinda sexist, pathetic, type of lemon that is made probably just to feed the author's fettishes

The slave; normally a neko is lets say...bought at an 'adults only' convention where they auction of neko (sex) slaves to the highest bidder.
The master; he's either a nicer than usual master or extremely abusive. But here's the funny part, MC STILL FALLS IN LOVE. (base on a few chapters back, i think you'll see falling in love with a person that abuses you is my main cringe trigger)

Oh ya, this leads me to another topic: those STEREOTYPICAL neko mcs (which creation is probably the trigger of sexism) these mcs dont only appear in lemons but in some fanfics as well

1)their weak(cry and whine alot)
2)they  say "nya" too many times
3) they always need to be saved

For example:

"Nyaaaa~ where's my master? I need a master! Nyaaaaa~*cries*"

Oh god. No. Please make it stop. Make it stoppppp.

Ok i think thats all for this chapter. *cold sweating in a corner*

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