The authors

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The authors. Must i say more, these are the people who bring us our favourite(and hated) books.
These are also the people that cause us pain and misery when they....


Lets say you are in the middle of a really great story when suddenly...(mostly at the climax) you get an update! You expect it to be a new chapter at first but nooooo its an update that say...

Hello readers, sorry but i have to say that this book is gonna end now, because i have serious writer's block and i don't care about what emotional attachment you developed while reading my story so I'll end it here at the climax:) Byeeeee

~the end~

Ok stop right there, sure i know that writer's block is the worst thing ever but can please not JUST END THE BOOK RIGHT THERE. Ugh.
Go and idk, do something that will 'cultivate' your creativity(google ideas or sth) and FINISH THE DAMN STORY!


Ever seen a book where the summary is nothing but a lame disclaimer on how the reader shouldn't read their book because it sucks like shit, plus how their a horrible author and yet they have a ton of readers and voters? Well yeah, thats this kind of author for you. They like to use 'reverse psychology' on you in idk probable hopes to get reads. But im telling you that shit is annoying!! Yeah we all already know your book is amazing with all those votes and stuff but the way you're putting yourself down repeatedly on how you suck is fucking annoying you obviously don't if you're able to write such a wonderful book. But yet, you say you suck -_- like how do you think its makes us common, random books feel if we see that huh?? Lets say the girl with the highest marks in class is complaining about how low she scored!! Doesnt that make you wanna slap her? Yeah that's how i feel when having to deal with these authors


so you've been reading this cool story with exciting plot twist and interesting characters....but the ending screwed. When i say 'screwed' i mean the author got lazy and gave a obvious or simple ending to wrap up all loose ends in the story because they were LAZY. Wow i clap. Really just wow.


Story time: One fine day reader chan saved story into their library and was starting to get really into it. But the next thing they know, the book has vanished from their library and when they search it up...ITS NOT THERE! WOW! Magic~
Oh wait, no, the author just deleted their book because they got bored of it -_- leaving poor reader chan to never find out what happens next to mc😞
How's that for a story huh huh -_-
(its better then what some authors do you know why? BECAUSE I ACTUALLY FINISHED THE STORY)

5)WHEN THEY THROW IN EVERY CLICHE EVER IMAGINABLE(unless its a humor book then thats fine)

Uh must i really go into detail on why this is annoying??

Short disclaimer: Yeah i know some people like cliches and thats uh...ok. In fact i particularly LOVE this cliche: boy and girl hate each other but they slowly start to realise how great each other are through some adventures and boom romance!  I LOVE THIS CLICHE DONT JUDGE MEH LIKE HOW I JUDGE EVERY OTHER CLICHE HUE.

Anyway, back to the point. The point is authors that are like those mentioned above suck. Just saying, don't get offended:)

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