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Fandoms. Fandoms everywhere....and because their everywhere. A thing called "fanfictions" popped up. Anyway in this rant I'll be talking about.....Cliches. Duh.

In most fanfics these storylines mostly exist.
1) reader gets adopted/saved by *fandom name*
These get on my nerves the most because WHICH CELEB GOES AROUND ADOPTING RANDOM KIDS???

2) fandom x reader. Ok i have nothing to say about this, because i love these. Unless, their super crappy like say....taehyung(my bae btw) bumps into mc(most likely an average girl) on the road, she drops her stuff, he picks it up. He complimented her, and...ta da romance! I mean which celeb does that???

3) lemons x reader I read some(*joins sinners club*) but no one goes around fking a girl they just met!! If you have a well developed story then i guess its fine but not if they only been together for 1-2 months. Whichever celeb you picked is NOT A CHEAP SLUT

4) sibling of *celebs name* if mc is such a "ordinary girl" why is she related to a celeb/youtuber? Sheesh.

5) abused/bullied mc or celeb. Some people just have a fettish for this type of stuff i guess. Poor celeb though. Why must you put them through such torture???

Oh ya, just to clarify things this particular rant ONLY relates to the "x reader" fanfics. Ship fanfics between canon characters are perfectly fine. (unless they get really out of character)

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