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I'm Just This 'Sue' by spoofey
I'm Just This 'Sue'by ˢᵒᶠᵗ ᵇᵃᵇʸ
After his death, Hang Qing got a system that allowed him to release the halo of Gary Stu (aka. Mary Sue) and conquer the villain in every world. "You have an unpara...
Review Restaurant • oc reviews by A1SURU
Review Restaurant • oc reviewsby やす.
Welcome to Review Restaurant! Today's special is character reviews! (ON-HOLD)
Mary Sue And Gary Stu Wonderland  by Velenka09
Mary Sue And Gary Stu Wonderland by Velenka09
This is a book filled with overpowered Ocs aka Mary Sues and Gary Stus!! Note: This book was made for fun. All characters are done by me. Neither do I not own the cover...
HOW TO | naruto ocs by Milochondria
HOW TO | naruto ocsby Call me Milo
I'm not going to tell you you can't make your oc an uchiha. I won't tell you that an incredibly pretty oc is cliche (it's an anime fanfiction, everyone is good looking...
Anti Mary-Sue Character Guide by seza123
Anti Mary-Sue Character Guideby Seza123
Here is just my list of tips of how to avoid creating/writing a Mary-Sue character. Take them as you wish. Greatest Achievements: #1 in non-fiction!!!
cliche moments in pjo and hp fanfics by ephemeralskjes
cliche moments in pjo and hp inactive <3
warning : i wrote this book a long time ago, and it's extremely cringy, so read with caution !! cli·ché /klēˈSHā/ noun 1. a phrase or opinion that is overused...
How to NOT make an Oc! by EmpressAJellehBeans
How to NOT make an Oc!by Well fuck me gently with a ch...
What to avoid in in the process of making a good oc.
OC Reviews (Slow updates) by ocrreviews
OC Reviews (Slow updates)by OC Reviews
#178 in random highest rank There are way too many Mary Sue's on Wattpad, so we've taken it upon ourselves to get rid of them. Just fill out the application, and we will...
Is Your OC A Mary Sue? Find Out Here! by M4rshmallow-B4e
Is Your OC A Mary Sue? Find Out Ethan!!
Prepare to have your dream crushed and hearts broken!
When you're tired of reading crap (Naruto cliches) by Nimbus_2ooo
When you're tired of reading Nimbus_2ooo
It's just a book for ranting purposes. Keep in mind that everything here is my opinion. None of its content is meant to offend anyone in any way, shape or form. If you d...
Danganronpa OC Reviews (CLOSED) by sassy-pants
Danganronpa OC Reviews (CLOSED)by C O N F U S E D
OC reviews are currently closed until the foreseeable future! Hey, are you a person on Wattpad? Do you want your Danganronpa OC reviewed? Well you're in the right spot f...
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Creepypasta OCs Advice + Reviews by birch_arah
Creepypasta OCs Advice + Reviewsby birch_arah
This is really just a book for Creepypasta OC advice and OC reviews! Chapter requests are very much welcome and encouraged as well.
To Avoid Being an Annoying Author [GUIDEBOOK] by AsiyaHiya
To Avoid Being an Annoying Asiya ☾Hiya☽ Kageyama
This "guidebook" will cover: ☞ Writing Advice ☞ Cliches ☞ The term "Mary Sues/Gary Stues" ☞ Bad Characters ☞ Fetishes ☞ Ruining Canon Relationships ☞...
Is your OC a Mary sue? by EmpressAJellehBeans
Is your OC a Mary sue?by Well fuck me gently with a ch...
I judge your ocs like how could you not know? It's in the title
Mary Sue Creator! by zerothegreywerewolf
Mary Sue Creator!by The Android Sent By Cyberlife
Here I will be listing the many traits of fandoms that would be considered a Mary Sue! This book will include: Mary Sue Traits for multiple fandom Mary Sue traits for a...
OC Reviews! by WoolyViola
OC Reviews!by WoolyViola
Yeah, I figured I'd open an OC review book, so here we are! Currently submissions are closed
Mary "Sakura" Sue the Disgusting Tumblr User(Trollfic) by Takeimika
Mary "Sakura" Sue the Disgusting Takei the local sick fuck
Inspired by two of my friends lmfao This is a gen 2 of Alice's disgusting story It's about her disgusting kids
The Mary-Sue Hunger Games: SYOT by TheSpiritOfStAqua
The Mary-Sue Hunger Games: SYOTby Aoife O'Regan
**No longer accepting submissions It's the Hundredth Hunger Games, also known as the Fourth Quarter Quell, so what's the twist? Well, only the more perfect, beautiful...
Oc Reviews by MarieBlueCat
Oc Reviewsby
I'll do reviews of people's oc's. All you have to do is send them to me and I'll give you feedback on how to improve your character. I do multiple fandoms. CAN YOU GUYS...