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Author: hmmm how should mc get stuck here on this mysterious island?

*author can't think of good reason*

Author: i know! I'll make mc get amnesia!

And there you have it every lazy author ever *cough ididthisbeforethatswhyiamlazyauthor cough*

I know backstories and stuff are hard to write if you dont want the usual "my whole family died*. And so most authors will use amnesia. I have done this a lot of times before yet here i am ranting about it. Good job me, good job.
But whatever, im ironic that way.
So as i was saying, if mc has amnesia she probably would have forgotten her name and such but in some occasions...
Random person: hi whats your name
Le amnesia mc: oh im mc

If she does forget her name and other info it will take awhile for her to re- learn them all, yet in a few chapters mc is seen solving crimes and performing other marysue like behaviour. You know why? Because dear author here has to get on with the story and not dwell to long on mc amnesia,thus making the story so unbelievable i cringe.

I have read some stories where the mc has amnesia but instead of the above examples happening, the author writes that mc whatever adventure she's suppose to go on while she SLOWLY recovers from amnesia,and at the end of the story she still doesn't get her full memory back, and has partial. Now this is a more believable story.

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