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You might, say: wait, what parents? See thats the point, there are practically almost no parents mentioned at all in wattpad books. Even if there are, their either...

1) abusive: physically,mentally, sometimes even sexually (sad right)

2)neglectful (Child  can go hang out at some boy's late night party and their totally fine with it. Have you seen, a parent that does that??)

3)A drunkard,dying or on drugs, all i can say is poor mc

For those stories where the parents, aren't around their either....

3)on a super long vacation that only ends once the story is complete

I know its hard to write a story with the focus on mc and the plot but also make it believable(i fall under no.3 of 'parents not around' huehue) so thats why the author thus try to 'get rid' of mc's parents by using one of the many execuses given above.

Know any other reasons mc has shitty guardians? Comment:)

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