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You see it. A cool title and interesting summary. Hmm looks good, and so you clicked into the story.....only to find....YOU'VE BEEN CLICK BAIT
Ok so this is really just my pet peeve. I mean you genuinely wanted to read a cool story and what you got was a one line troll -_- frustrating much.


Title of book: *fandom name* lemons
Le horny reader: oooh looks good *clicks*
Author chan: hello readers YOU'VE BEEN FOOLED!!! BWAAHAHAHAH this aint no horny perv hoe book. its a book about legitimate lemons. As in the fruit!!! AHAHAHHAHA ~the end~
Le horny reader: .....fuck it.


Example 2

Le reader: oooh a *fandom ship* book
Le reader: *clicks*
Author chan: why *ship name* should be together: IT SHOULDN'T AHHAHAHAH
Le reader: *triggereddddd*


ee how annoying that is? You just wasted all your readers time bruh hope you're proud. (i know you are, you cleverly fooled your readers)
Again, like ive said countless times in this book: DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME MAKING THESE SHIT. DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE PLEASE. Omgggg ughhhhh.
This chapter was spawned by the multiple times I've been stupidly click baited and is mainly a rant. Of course, sometimes when i see people get click baited its funny....unless its you. Hahahaha

You: Oh author you are so Shallow and ironic.
Me: yes. Yes i am. But who can blame me? If its not happening to you, everything is hilarious hahahaha. (im serious, this is the truth)
You: -_- *kicks author off cliff*

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