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Reborn as Bella's Twin by miyu567
Reborn as Bella's Twinby miyu567
(Discontinued,just warning you now!) Seriously my writing is bad and I stopped this for a reason. Reyna Elizabeth Rose is isabella swans twin. Her family thinks she is j...
Strange (HUNTER X HUNTER fanfic) (fairy tail fanfic)(on hold) by Killme_please_
Strange (HUNTER X HUNTER fanfic) ( I-WANNA-DIE
She was hated, yet loved, she died.. she lived... what will become of her now? She has magic She has strength She has family What will she do? PS: I don't own anything...
Jeff The Killer X Reader by ThePerfectBlur
Jeff The Killer X Readerby Baka
Secrets. Some are best hidden from the world and from other people. Although, the more secrets that build up, the angrier a person may get.
Hawtness by whatsawhizzer
Hawtnessby Whatsawhizzer
Vampires, Angels, and Demons, Oh My! Jane's life will never be the same when she stumbles onto Hawtness, the ten sexiest guys at Fairmont High, and finds out they are hi...
The Innocent Murderer (Mary Sue Series) by DreamEater5384
The Innocent Murderer (Mary Sue Monochrome
"Y-you killed everyone!" she sobbed, staring at me in horror. "You're nothing but a murderer!" "No, I'm not. But even if I were, I wouldn't car...
His Gift to Her (Mary Sue Series) by DreamEater5384
His Gift to Her (Mary Sue Series)by Monochrome
His mask fell at her feet, cracks evident of its soon-to-be short lifespan, but its structure still in one piece. With unsteady hands, she picked up the mask he always s...
Kinda Sane ~ /Villian Deku\ (Paused) by Just_Read_Fanfiction
Kinda Sane ~ /Villian Deku\ ( Shirley Temple
What if everything caught up with Izuku? All the name calling, bullying, and threats decide to mess with him. Especially after the sports festival. Rumors were being s...
A New Mystery at 221 Baker Street by AnyaStin
A New Mystery at 221 Baker Streetby AnyaStin
Alice Whitmer is thrilled to be journeying to London. On her first day in her new flat, she meets Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. What surprises Sherlock is that Alice...
How to Make a Demigod: A Percy Jackson Guide by Kidatash
How to Make a Demigod: A Percy Liandri Groenewald
Want to make a Demigod for the amazing fandom known as the Percy Jackson fandom? want to make sure that brand new demigod you're making is completely Anti Mary Sue? we...
This Must Be a Joke... No? Really? Okay Then... I'll Try My Best! by 125animeislife
This Must Be a Joke... No? TenshiBitches
Kishiko was a loving girl healing from trauma, all while helping others. However, she soon died in a car crash and was brought to the Narutoverse as a very kawaii turtle...
The goddess (Naruto various x reader) by do_fairieshave_tails
The goddess (Naruto various x Anime obsessed freak
A young angel finds herself in the naruto world with no knowledge of what to do but to be herself, but when random boys start falling for her, it only adds to her confu...
Review Restaurant • oc reviews by A1SURU
Review Restaurant • oc reviewsby やす.
Welcome to Review Restaurant! Today's special is character reviews! (ON-HOLD)
[12 Chòm Sao] Mary Sue by __YY__
[12 Chòm Sao] Mary Sueby Asuna
Lại là motif Mary Sue cũ rích...
Naruto Fanfiction Cliché's by -aesuki
Naruto Fanfiction Cliché'sby Reina
Just a rant book... nothing more or nothing less. You can agree or disagree but remember, these are opinions. Read at your own risk || examples of awful fanfics is post...
HOW TO | naruto ocs by Milochondria
HOW TO | naruto ocsby Call me Milo
I'm not going to tell you you can't make your oc an uchiha. I won't tell you that an incredibly pretty oc is cliche (it's an anime fanfiction, everyone is good looking...
𝗵𝗼𝘄 𝗱𝗼 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗻𝗮𝗿𝘂𝘁𝗼 by TRENDYKIDS
𝗵𝗼𝘄 𝗱𝗼 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗻𝗮𝗿𝘂𝘁𝗼by ロミ
how to write sunshine boy's sunny universe. ━━ naruto guidebook & tips ━━ © kishimoto masashi, trendykids
How to make a Creepypasta Oc Ft Slenderman  by Dealsitora
How to make a Creepypasta Oc Ft Dealsitora
Follow everyone's favourite teleporting operator Slenderman. And his advice on how to make a successful oc. Just note that this book is entirely satirical and not meant...
Cliché, Cliché Everywhere by DeviantWriter19
Cliché, Cliché Everywhereby Lizzy
My lovely Wattpad rant book, focusing on multiple Cliché and over used tropes with enough salt, pepper and olive oil to appease Gordon Ramsay. Ever reach a point in lif...
Anti Mary-Sue Character Guide by seza123
Anti Mary-Sue Character Guideby Seza123
Here is just my list of tips of how to avoid creating/writing a Mary-Sue character. Take them as you wish. Greatest Achievements: #1 in non-fiction!!!
How to make a good creepypasta OC (reviews closed!) (old, like REALLY old) by DragoNet661
How to make a good creepypasta DragoNet
I'm tired of seeing Mary Sues and tired of people judging to hard on OCs. So I made this book to help people planning to make OCs.