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Things about Wattpad books I hate.  by sabwrotewhat
Things about Wattpad books I hate. by Sab
Everything Wrong With HARRY POTTER Fanfictions by Purplemist14
Everything Wrong With HARRY I.F
[ CLOSED FOR REVIEWS ] About 120K fanfictions emerge when you directly type Harry Potter in the search bar at Wattpad. While some of them are amazing and well worth ever...
Operation: Make the protagonist happy by irene0516
Operation: Make the protagonist Sriracha sauce
Set in a vague world based on otome games, your mission, as the antagonist, is to make the protagonist happy. You and your posse of stereotypical good looking love inter...
because wattpad really needs more diversity. cover by @bitchmafia gifs by @flashingallen highest rank : 553 in humor 520 in random
Terrible Writing Advice // Wattpad Anime "critique" by PitaNemuritoare
Terrible Writing Advice // The Immortal Bread
Here you'll learn how to become a master of the art of writing fanfiction. These tutorials are 100% approved by the Herd mentality that poisons this platform. Rest assur...
Every Single Wattpad Cliché by ShuchenX
Every Single Wattpad Clichéby 。+.。☆* ・*:.. ༓☾ 𝕾𝖍𝖚𝖈𝖍𝖊�...
Every cliché story plot or character on Wattpad!! Warning: SARCASM INVOLVED. If you're non-sarcastic (weird, I know) then PROCEED WITH CAUTION. Also, BTW. Due to my hard...
clichés (BEING RE-WRITTEN) by -devilishly
clichés (BEING RE-WRITTEN)by tobias
The most annoying tropes used on Wattpad. They're not necessarily bad, but seriously, guys, have some creativity. ~~~ i originally wrote this when i was 12 so i'm curre...
Wattpad Clichés by faithodulesi
Wattpad Clichésby Faith Odulesi 🌬
Started :January 26,2019(sat) The title gives it all away. Many wattpad Cliché that's sure to keep you laughing.
Kill Me Now (Modern Cliches, #1) by AMLKoski
Kill Me Now (Modern Cliches, #1)by Anna Koski
Book One of the Modern Cliches series ~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi, my name is Sasha Elaine Wimbleton. I am your perfectly average twenty four year girl. The only thing I am slight ab...
Momos pedorros del zodiaco, sus cliches, ships y más ... spoiler, no dan risa
Wattpad   Clichés by popularandalone
Wattpad Clichésby Me
This story will list all of the most cliché things that authors on Wattpad write about. Please DO NOT TAKE ANY OF MY IDEAS, or take offense if you have written a book wi...
Avoiding Cliches by VaporWhore
Avoiding Clichesby VaporWhore
Cliché /klēˈSHā/ a very predictable or unoriginal thing or person. Cliches. They're everywhere. Hated by everyone. But no one hates them more than Pandora Joyner. She gr...
Tropes and Cliches by BiamondAuthority
Tropes and Clichesby Biamond
There are a lot of tropes like the Token Gal and really hilarious cliches like Clumsy unless in Combat.And I want to discuss them here with you. Now there is nothing wro...
Wattpad Rants by 6inners
Wattpad Rantsby A.
A rant book about the most annoying things on Wattpad. (NOT INTENDED TO BE OFFENSIVE) note: January 20th, 2020 - I wrote this book when I was very young, starting in ele...
Totes Cliché...XX by Onyi107
Totes Cliché...XXby Onyi107
We all know that this is wattpad . And it's not ordinary. Totes cliché will be about the usual stuff you see in stories. Nothing much Just sit back and relax and laugh y...
The Main Character's Best Friend  by beautifulpoetic_
The Main Character's Best Friend by Hannah
[ ON HOLD ] In which the best friend of every main (girl) character in Teenfiction gets to tell her side of the story and her name is Erika Spencer. Word Count: TBD WARN...
✔ Stupid Anime Cliches by MekuKuro
✔ Stupid Anime Clichesby MekuKuro
SECOND BOOK OUT Big Breats? - Check. Short skirt? - Check. Random guy grabbing some boobies? - Check. Pantyshot? - Check. There are some anime cliches out there, that ar...
warrior cat cliches by fallenstars-
warrior cat clichesby hiatus
Cli•ché / Klē'SHē / Noun 1. A phrase or opinion that is overused and lacks original thought. 2. A stereotype or electrotype.
A Warrior Cats Cliche by Silvered_Skies
A Warrior Cats Clicheby silvered skies
Oh, the forbidden loves! Oh, the prophecies! Oh, the tragic backstories! Oh, the person narrating saying 'Oh' repeatedly! Oh, the seething, unholy ungodly unearthly acid...
101 Warriors Cliches by Yabba_Dabba_Doo
101 Warriors Clichesby Pinhead Larry
*Sigh* This took forever to write... but yeah. Cliches!!!!! Thank you for 7K reads!!!!!