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Ok, first of all when i write this book its not meant to offend anyone or anything i just NEED to rant. But this doesnt mean the stories i right are perfect because like i said this is just a rant. So don't be offended or anything.

Also for those that know me personally im gonna tone down the cursing. Lets feel proud:))

EDIT(4 oct'17): hey um i recently re-read this book and i noticed how insensitive i was to certain topics (slutshaming etc) but i wrote this awhile back and i have learnt from it! Again, i will try to be less balant about such topics from now on, however im not gonna edit out the old insenstive parts
(too many too lazy)
Just know that im sorry especially if i have offended anyone:")

Stuff to note
Mc stands for main character
You can request a cliche rant:)
But most importantly....
Don't you dare blatantly copy this information without giving credit
Espicially the special chapter in here(trust me you'll know it when you see it)

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