mc the marysue

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Trust me all you cliche story writers, you wouldn't want to be your mc because....(mentally tick it off if applies)

1)she has no friends

2)she is a loner

3)gets bullied

4)no one likes her

5)parents dead or abusive

These are some the many things mc is put through in the story, come on, mc must at least have one friend right?
Oh ya, another thing,featuring.....
mc the ironic.

1)she is described to be the ugliest person alive but nooooo  she's actaully really pretty and all the boys want her.(except her crush but he will want her later on)

2) she hates sluts or the typical 'mean girl' but she, if you think about it, is one herself ESPECIALLY in those bad boy x good girl books. She falls for her bully. A guy who had been mistreating her. Wow mc. Wow.

3)she only has 3 perosnalities: the tsundere, the fiesty yet protevtive loving and sweet one, and the smart gorgeous 'nerd'. These are mostly seen in high school stories but you know what i mean

You know what authors out there, go read a 'how to make sure your oc isn't
A marysue/garystu' book. Those have great content. Maybe you'll learn somthing because no one likes a marysue/garystu

Tip: to make a likeable character, you yourself must actually be able to picture yourself as friends with your character, will you find her annoying if she was a real person? Ask yourself that. (seriously though, thats what i do all the time)

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